How often it is possible to run

How often it is possible to run

It is noticed that it isn't so much difficult to begin jogs how many to define how often it is necessary to run. Often muscular pain, fatigue or lack of result lead to disappointment in this type of physical activity. Meanwhile, exactly run suits practically all, it is necessary to calculate the schedule and intensity of trainings only correctly.

The beginners seeking to see effect as soon as possible are interested whether it is possible to run every day. Theoretically jogs can be made daily, but it isn't always expedient.

How many – depends on the organism

One of the main conditions of effective jog – continuity. If you run 5 minutes, and half an hour go, it not occupations run, and just walk. Specialists in fitness recommend to begin with 30-60 minute occupations throughout which you will jog on distance of 20 km.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases requires at least two such trainings a week. Only the prepared organism can sustain such loading therefore at first it is necessary to alternate run and walking, gradually seeking for continuous jog. How many times a week to run to reach optimum efficiency? For the trained organism it is necessary to increase number of trainings to three in the week. It is the maximum which isn't recommended to be exceeded in order to avoid overfatigue and harm to health. You shouldn't think that the more often to be engaged, the result will be better. If not to give to muscles rest, they don't manage to be restored and not only don't train, but also are exposed to risk of the trauma.

Time or two in day?

Solving for itself how often it is necessary to run, it is necessary to understand whether your organism is ready to big loading at once or it is worth breaking one long occupation into two shorter? For example, being restored after stretching, it is more expedient to run in the morning 5 km and evening of 5 km, than at once 10. Also when planning the schedule of occupations it is necessary to consider the area on which it is necessary to run. If it is the dirt or snow-covered road, load of the musculoskeletal system will be more, than at occupations on the racetrack. It is necessary to consider that to run on asphalt or concrete it is very harmful to joints. To soften return of the covering, the springing orthopedic footwear is necessary. Also it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account weather conditions – if on the street the rain or heat, it is better to make two short jogs instead of one long. Such mode of occupations will suit very busy persons, beginners in sport or just to fans. For the professionals or runners seeking to reach certain heights in sport, the similar schedule doesn't approach. They need to be engaged daily not less than an hour, giving rest to the organism as required. Usually professionals take the break in jogs after the intensive trainings preceding competitions and also because of diseases and injuries.

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