How quicker to gain weight to the guy

How quicker to gain weight to the guy

Accumulation of muscle bulk consists of three important aspects. The first aspect is food in which there has to be a lot of proteinaceous food. The second – the correct training. And the third aspect – the sufficient dream, muscles grow at that time while you have a rest, and not in the course of the wearisome trainings at all. If not to pay attention at least to one of these three important points, then the effect will be minimum.

It is required to you

  • - proteinaceous food;
  • - full-fledged dream;
  • - correctly picked up training.


1. Trainings are necessary, but there are many various exercises, and it is important - correctly to choose them for itself. Very many exercises promote study of the muscular relief, help with rehabilitation after injuries, but practically don't conduct to the set of weight. Best of all general exercises increase muscle bulk. For example, it squats, bench press and others.

2. Pick up the operating weight and the number of repetitions. Performance of the small amount of approaches - no more than 10 is considered optimum, but operating weight has to be such that you will do these 10 repetitions, really "giving all the best". Principle here idle time: the quantity of vypolneniye of exercise is regulated by means of weight, that is if you became stronger, increase the operating weight, but not the number of repetitions that and next to do as much.

3. Proteinaceous food – the basis for growth of muscles. Some claim that if it is good to eat, and even somewhere to be mistaken when choosing the training, then progress all the same will be. To the contrary, if you are insufficiently proteinaceous food, muscle bulk won't grow.

4. Don't train more often than 3 times a week. Find for the dream more time, than usually. Muscles grow only during rest. If you tire the body and don't allow it to have a rest, progress won't be.

5. Train all body evenly. Even if you consider that you need to work muscles, for example, of the upper body, then all the same pay attention and the rest too. It is very important to do exercises on legs and the back, at least on the minimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team