How quickly to achieve results

How quickly to achieve results

Wishing to achieve amazing results, some people spend many forces and energy for wearisome exercises, eat a little and all the same slowly go towards the aim. Because important not only to be engaged much, it is necessary to do it correctly.


1. Set the goal to which you will aspire. It has to be achievable, real, don't demand from yourself impossible. Appoint several preliminary objectives, achieving which, you will be able to reward yourself. The similar technique will allow to rejoice even to small results and won't allow you to lower hands.

2. Select exercises and loadings according to the purpose. If you visit training club, consult with experts that they picked up the exercise machines suitable you. Study how it is correct to use them and what loading is optimum for beginners.

3. Don't give to the organism of impracticable tasks. Gradually increase loading, complexity and duration of exercises. Listen to the feelings, in time stop occupations that next day at you trainings remained to continue forces.

4. Eat properly to receive only useful substances and to exclude harmful. Eat food often, but in the small portions. Don't forget that eating properly, you receive energy for continuation of trainings. Consider the food and build it according to the purposes: for weight loss – low-calorie, for athletes – proteinaceous food.

5. Drink more liquid. Give preference to clear usual or mineral water, natural juice, exclude alcohol and sweet carbonated drinks. During the day it is necessary to drink not less than 2 liters. Approximately in 20 minutes prior to intensive training drink the glass of water, it will help to cope with loadings and will accelerate achievement of desirable result.

6. Have fully a rest to fill the spent forces. Rest is necessary to receive energy for the subsequent trainings. The good mood allows to achieve quicker the objective therefore support it at height and surely get enough sleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team