How quickly to be pumped up in gym

How quickly to be pumped up in gym

The considerable number of people are dissatisfied with the physical shape. But at the majority the desire to make the figure beautiful remains only desire. To achieve good muscles, it is necessary to be engaged systematically in gym, and for it there is often enough neither time, nor forces.


1. Before beginning trainings, define type of the physical build. Approach to occupations and food will depend on it. But the main principles of set of muscle bulk are almost identical.

2. Don't make the program of trainings independently. For rapid growth of muscles the correct approach in the organization of loadings is necessary. Spend money for consultation at the professional instructor better. Otherwise you risk to waste time for useless occupations.

3. Be engaged in gym not less than three times a week. Both men, and women need power trainings. It is possible to achieve growth of muscle bulk thanks to occupations with "weight".

4. Don't swing the muscle separately. It takes away too much time. Train big muscular groups: on the back, the breast, buttocks and also the press, bicepses, quadriceps. They participate in formation of the beautiful athletic silhouette.

5. Be engaged with "the free weight". By means of exercises with the post you at the same time involve all main groups of muscles, and intensify production of hormone of growth. Thanks to it you significantly reduce time of trainings.

6. Include in the occupations stanovy draft, squats with the post and the bench press. These exercises promote the maximum growth of muscles and are called basic. Carry out them only under supervision of the instructor or partner, at least at first. They are very effective, but only at the correct performance.

7. That muscles actively grew, have well a rest. The more intensively loading, the more time allow for relaxation.

8. Increase loadings due to increase in mass of the apparatus, but not due to reduction of breaks between approaches or the number of repetitions.

9. Drink more liquid. Muscles for 80% consist of water. Dehydration can provoke loss of muscle bulk. For this reason process of reduction of muscles is called "drying".

10. Provide muscles with necessary quantity of the protein. It is necessary for their active growth. The best source of this useful substance is meat and fish. If you have the excess weight, use meat of the turkey better. It not such fat and for 50% consists of protein. From grain give preference to buckwheat.

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