How quickly to gather in the stomach: exercises for the house

How quickly to gather in the stomach: exercises for the house

The sticking-out stomach will spoil the impression even from very beautiful figure. Correctly picked up diet will help to get rid of the excess fat layer, and special exercises will cope with sluggish muscles. Carry out them every day and already in few weeks you will notice result. It is important to load all muscles of the press. Exercises not only will tighten the belt, but also will help to narrow the waist and to strengthen the back.

We get rid of the stomach: small cunnings

To gather in the stomach, it is necessary to do the exercises strengthening straight lines and oblique muscles of the stomach. Before occupations it is necessary to be warmed, having a little danced under rhythmical music, and after end of the complex to perform several stretching exercises. Be engaged daily, giving to occupations not less than 30 minutes. It is possible to divide the complex into two receptions and to do exercises in the morning and in the evening.

In intervals carry out simple, but very useful exercise. Involve the abdominal wall on the exhalation, as much as possible straining muscles, and then inhale and relax. Repeat exercise of 20-30 times, doing on several sets in day.

Complex of daily exercises

Lying on the floor, bend legs in knees, the foot put nearby. On the exhalation lift the top part of the trunk, tearing off shovels from the floor. You hold hands along the body. Repeat exercise of 10 times, having executed 2 or 3 sets with the break on 30 seconds. Strengthen the lower muscles of the press. Lying on the back, raise the legs bent in knees and press them to the breast. Be late for several seconds and lower legs. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times. Oblique muscles well develop various turns. Lying on the back, put the legs bent in knees on the floor, you hold hands along the body. Incline close knees in one, in other party so that they touched the floor. Be not developed sideways, only hips have to move. Do exercise at quiet pace, monitoring breath. Various twisting is very effective. Lying in the same situation, raise the legs bent at right angle. Cross fingers of hands on the nape. Extend the left leg, at the same time reach the left elbow for the right knee, raising and turning the case. Be late in this situation for several seconds, and then return to the home position. Make till 10-12 repetitions for each leg. Sitting on the edge of the steady chair, you hold both hands the seat behind yourself. Holding the back directly, raise the legs bent in knees, at the same time slightly inclining the case forward. You hold the head directly and you monitor breath. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times. Perform several dumbbell exercises. Holding them about the waist, carry out bendings back and forth, having made till 10-15 repetitions. Then lower hands with dumbbells along the body and do bendings to the right and to the left. Repeat exercise of 10 times, have a rest 30 seconds and make one more approach.

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