How quickly to make legs is more harmonious

How quickly to make legs is more harmonious

With the advent of miniskirts of the woman sought to make legs more harmonious. Walking is extremely useful, but, unfortunately, it won't save from cellulitis and flabby muscles. That in the summer to wear short shorts and not to hesitate to appear on the beach in bikini, regularly carry out simple, but effective exercises.


1. To make calves less volume, every evening stretch popliteal sinews. Alternate the extension to walking on socks. Then you not only will be able to make legs more harmonious, but also will get the beautiful relief.

2. During the day don't use the elevator, having given preference to steps. In general, you go on the inclined plane as much as possible up.

3. Squat at any opportunity. This exercise is good the fact that it can be carried out as at home, and in breaks at work. Place legs as it is possible more widely, develop feet in the parties. Holding the straight line back, fall to the plie and be late below for couple of seconds. On the breath slowly unbend knees. Thanks to daily squats, it is possible to find harmonious legs in the week.

4. The following exercise will be very useful for those who has the sedentary work. As soon as you feel that muscles became numb, get up, cramp legs together, and within the minute be rolled from the heel on the sock. This exercise helps not only to tighten muscles of legs, but also to warn varicosity.

5. Learn to jump through the jump rope. This simple action even if you give it 10 minutes a day, will bring closer you to the desired ideal of legs and will lift the general tone of the organism.

6. Several times a day make wide leg swings in the parties with direct knees. It is possible to perform similar exercise as in the vertical position, having leaned the hand against the wall for balance, and lying on one side, having leaned on the elbow.

7. It is the from the inside most difficult to tighten muscles of legs. To work this whimsical zone lay down sideways, having bent the upper leg in the knee and having put it ahead of the lower leg. Tear off the lower leg from the floor and make it easy fluctuations for 90 seconds. The more small swings you make for this interval of time, the muscles of the internal surface of the hip will be strained more.

8. Accommodate on the floor, having bent knees at right angle. Reduce feet together, and arrange between knees elbows of both hands. On the exhalation begin to press with the force elbows on the internal part of knees, and legs very much resist. This exercise allows to tighten quickly muscles of legs from within.

9. Very simple and all familiar exercise "bicycle". At the beginning it can be carried out, having received the pose of "birch". In process of strengthening of muscles, you hold legs closer and closer to the floor. So you involve not only hips, but also buttocks.

10. Carrying out this complex daily 20-30 minutes, you will find harmonious legs in the week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team