How quickly to make the stomach flat

How quickly to make the stomach flat

The elastic and flat stomach will make your silhouette graceful and guarantees good landing of clothes. However to ensure the ideal press, it is necessary to try. The intensive trainings studying oblique and direct muscles of the stomach aerobic loadings and the balanced diet will help you to achieve the necessary result quickly.

It is required to you

  • - stepper or racetrack;
  • - gym wall bars;
  • - dumbbells.


1. Make own set of exercises consisting of the warm-up, exercises strengthening direct and oblique muscles of the stomach and also the back muscle. Be not engaged daily – muscles have to have a rest. There are enough two-three occupations a week. On the days off strengthen aerobic loading – do morning jogs, walk more, be engaged on the stepper or the racetrack.

2. Before the occupations warm up. Turn on the rhythmical music, dance, make on some arms swings and legs. It is possible to jump through the jump rope or just to dance.

3. Lay down on the floor. Bend legs in knees, having slightly placed them and having arranged the foot in parallel. Extend hands along the body. Raise the upper body so that shovels came off the floor. Performing exercise, exhale and strain the stomach. Take your time. Repeat reception of 10-12 times, have a rest minute and make the second approach.

4. Bend your knees. Slowly lift them, straining the abdominal wall. Raise the basin that knees touched the chin. Be late in this situation and slowly lower legs. Repeat exercise of 6-10 times in two steps.

5. Lying on the back, raise straight legs and quickly cross their one over another, imitating the movement of scissors. The below you hold legs, the muscles of the stomach strain stronger and the exercise is more effective. Don't tear off the head and shovels from the floor. Repeat 6-10 times in two approaches.

6. Get up, pick up dumbbells. Slightly place legs, you hold hands with dumbbells at the waist. Slowly, straining the press, incline the case back. Be late for several seconds and return to the home position. Repeat 10-12 times. This exercise strengthens not only the abdominal wall, but also back muscles.

7. More difficult, but very effective exercise – lifting of leg and the basin in the hang on the gymnastic horizontal bar or the Swedish wall. For a start raise the bent legs, later – straight lines. Begin with five times for approach and finish the number of exercises up to 10 times in two approaches.

8. Very useful exercise – retraction of the abdominal wall. Deeply inhale, exhale air, having at the same time tucked the stomach in to the limit. You hold the back directly. Record the abdominal wall for 5-7 seconds and inhale. Repeat exercise of 6-10 times. It can be done daily, in the morning and in the evening.

9. Don't forget about the diet – without it to you not to achieve fast results. Exclude from the sweet diet, carbonated drinks, farinaceous and fat dishes. Instead of them eat proteinaceous food – low-fat fish, chicken fillet and turkeys, dairy products. Don't forget about cellulose – whole-grain bread and vegetables.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team