How quickly to pump up buttocks in house conditions

How quickly to pump up buttocks in house conditions

Beautiful and elastic buttocks – treasured desire of many people. There is the special set of exercises for pumping of this group of muscles which, by the way, can be executed in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells.


1. Receive the home position. Lay down on the floor the stomach down. Lift the case of the body, placing emphasis on elbows. Bend one leg in the hip joint. Consider: she has to be brought most up to the body. You have to feel contact of the hip with the knee. Extend the second leg back, without bending in the knee. When performing exercise you watch that the back remained equal, didn't cave in. Slowly raise the extended leg from the floor. Avoid its bending. Return to the home position. Don't do abrupt movements. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times on each leg.

2. Perform dumbbell exercise. For this purpose get up directly. Pick up dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg. Place legs a little. During performance of exercise you watch the back. It has to remain equal. On the breath the right leg lunge. Pay attention that the corner of the bend of the knee was equal 90 degrees. By vigorous effort return to the home position, having made the exhalation. Repeat exercise on other leg. Don't forget to watch balance. Perform this exercise of 10-12 times on each leg, on 2-3 approaches. You remember: the step is wider, the hip gluteus is involved more.

3. Try to include leg swings in the set of exercises. Thus you effectively involve the big gluteus. This exercise excellently allows to improve the back surface of the leg. Receive the home position. Get up directly, two hands undertake the back of the chair or the bed. It will be your support. Slightly incline the case of the body forward, without bending the back. On the breath make the smooth leg swing, having raised it on the maximum height. On the exhalation return to the home position. Repeat this exercise of 10-15 times on each leg, on 5-6 approaches. Gradually increase loading.

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