How quickly to pump up hips

How quickly to pump up hips

Both men, and women jealously treat elasticity and beauty of muscles standing. The problem zone often are hips, having given loading of which, you will be able to get rid of the fat layer and to show to people around the attractive pumped-over legs.

  • - weighting compounds for legs;
  • - dumbbells.

1. Squat. This Basic Element of training of many athletes which without effort can be carried out also at home, and in the sporzal yields excellent results both for hips, and for buttocks. Remember that the back has to be the straight line, legs - firmly to stand on the floor. To pump up the front surface of the hip, and also calves, you transfer weight to the front part of foot. For work on the back surface don't tear off the heel from the floor and try to lean on them.

2. Squat on one leg. The same principle, only now your legs will serially work, receiving big loading.

3. Complicate squats. Pick up dumbbells or other weighting compound which, for example, can be set up on shoulders. Perform the same exercises. The effect will be much better, with the additional weight also loading will increase.

4. Pick up dumbbells and do lunges serially on each leg. After that start the following exercise - lunge one leg, from this situation jump up up and trade in leg air places (if initially ahead was right, after landing will be left).

5. Put on legs weighting compounds (approximately around the ankle) and lay down on the back. Raise legs up and bend them in knees. From this situation with the exhalation slowly straighten legs and return back them.

6. Without removing weighting compounds, become at the wall. Put on it both hands to keep balance. From this situation you take away one leg back so that it was understood over the floor as it is possible above. It is better to perform this operation at first for one, and only then - for the second leg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team