How quickly to pump up muscles on the horizontal bar

How quickly to pump up muscles on the horizontal bar

Quickly it is quite possible to pump up muscles on the horizontal bar. For this purpose there is the special set of exercises. Carrying out them, you will achieve the goal at short notice. The main loading – rise in body weight.

1. At occupations on the horizontal bar you train muscles of the breast, the neck, hands, backs, tricepses and bicepses. Stock up with patience and endurance.

2. Depending on the type of the grip and distance between hands you will achieve the variety of exercises which you will be able to carry out.

3. To pump up pectoral muscles on the horizontal bar, receive the home position. Get up directly. You hold the back exactly. Grasp the horizontal bar with palms, having arranged them on themselves. Leave hands shoulder width apart. Perform exercise smoothly, without breakthroughs. Observe identical speed when lowering and raising the body. Execute 10-12 pullings up. You monitor breath: the exhalation when lowering, the breath at rise. Carry out pullings up with the minimum speed. Gradually increase the number of approaches, carrying out 10-12 pullings up on 3-4 times.

4. The following exercise will allow you to pump up shoulders on the horizontal bar. Undertake the horizontal bar the narrow grip. Thus you as much as possible involve the broadest and gear muscles. Hang on the horizontal bar, having clasped the horizontal bar from above. Between hands observe the minimum distance. Be tightened, having caved in in the back. Try to concern the lower part of the breast of the apparatus. Execute 10-15 pullings up.

5. For pumping of the biceps on the horizontal bar clasp the apparatus with the reverse grip. Whenever possible try to connect edges of palms together. Bend the back and hang on straight arms. Having focused on data of shovels and assignment of shoulders, begin to be brought up. Try to concern the lower part of pectoral muscles of the horizontal bar. Execute 10-12 pullings up in 3-4 approaches.

6. Perform exercise on the rating of the back, having grasped the horizontal bar with the average grip. Thus you in addition involve bicepses and sgibatel of the forearm. Hang on the horizontal bar, having crossed legs and having bent the back. Try to concern horizontal bar breast top, cramping shovels together. In the lower point completely straighten hands. Execute 10-12 pullings up.

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