How quickly to pump up muscles to the teenager

How quickly to pump up muscles to the teenager

Teenagers often want to differ from the peers to attract keen interest of girls. For this purpose guys begin to play sports and to do exercises for accumulation of muscle bulk. Find time for the physical development, thanks to it you receive the beautiful body.

It is required to you

  • - Horizontal bar.


1. So, for a start you should choose the place for regular trainings. Ideal option – the gym hall with the skilled and qualified coach. But often the teenager has no own funds for payment of such services. If you has the sufficient sum, the coach will develop for you the training program and will advise the correct diet of food.

2. It is necessary to swing muscles in the teenage period so that load of the backbone wasn't so big. It is strictly forbidden to do squats with the post, stanovy draft, dumbbell presses or posts costing and raising of the post on the biceps up to seventeen years. Performance of the listed exercises can stop growth or will lay the foundation for diseases of joints and the backbone.

3. Excellent substitute to the barbell bench press – push-ups from the floor. Try to use as much as possible the body weight of the body in exercises. Put hands on the floor shoulder width apart, legs have to be extended back, the foot are parallel each other. Rise on socks, the back and legs have to form the straight line. Bend elbows and for the second be late below, rise upward. Repeat the maximum quantity of times in three approaches. After you master technology of performance of such push-up, begin to change width of arrangement of hands, accenting work of different groups of muscles. At push-ups the following types of muscles are involved: breasts, lower back, deltoid and tricepses.

4. In the hour after the breakfast execute pullings up (it isn't recommended to be wrung out before meal). For not trained teenagers of pulling up will seem difficult, even impracticable exercise. But several months of systematic trainings later you will achieve impressive results. Traditional option – pullings up by the average grip. The main focus goes on sgibatel of the forearm, muscle of the back and bicepses. Undertake the horizontal bar, the grip has to be equal to width of shoulders. Hang, cross legs and bend the back a little. Begin to be brought up, you cramp shovels and try to touch by the horizontal bar breast. Then fall and completely straighten hands for the best extension of the back. Do the maximum number of exercises.

5. For the set of muscle bulk it isn't necessary to follow difficult diets. – include the main thing in the diet more than dairy and meat products, limit consumption of pastries, sweets, any croutons and chips. Receive the complex of vitamins. Also remember, to create the sports figure at teenage age much more simply, than the adult. With heavy scales it is possible to start more serious trainings after eighteen years.

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