How quickly to pump up the biceps dumbbells

How quickly to pump up the biceps dumbbells

There is the certain set of exercises allowing to pump over quickly and effectively the shoulder biceps by means of dumbbells. You remember: the biceps consists of two parts: short and long.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells;
  • - bench.


1. For performance of this exercise receive the home position. Get up directly. Legs arrange shoulder width apart. Pick up dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg. Slowly raise the hand to the breast, turning the brush outside during the movement. Slowly lower the dumbbell in the home position. Repeat exercise on other hand. Continue the training within 10-15 minutes. When performing this exercise, shoulder bicepses, trapezoid and muscles of the forearm are most involved.

2. To perform dumbbell exercise, receive the home position. Sit down on the bench. You hold the back exactly. Pick up dumbbells. Send to the palm to each other. Slowly raise the hand to the shoulder. At the same time twist the palm to yourself. Having reduced the biceps completely, accurately lower the apparatus. Gradually twist the palm in the opposite direction. Repeat exercise by other hand. Lift dumbbells serially. In conclusion of the training lower apparatuses on the floor. Perform exercise of 10-12 times, on 3-4 approaches. When performing this complex, bicepses of the shoulder, muscle of the shoulder girdle, the trapeze and the forearm are actively involved.

3. When performing exercise on the inclined bench receive the home position. Pick up dumbbells. Sit down on the inclined bench. Lower hands down, having developed palms to each other. You hold the back directly, without caving in during exercise performance. Gradually raise one hand, turning the palm to themselves. Try to reduce the biceps as much as possible. Slowly lower the dumbbell down, rotating the palm in the opposite direction. Repeat exercise by other hand. Carry out this complex within 10-15 minutes. Throughout all approach retain control over weight. Don't use inertia force. Pay attention: the biceps should be stretched in the lower point of the movement.

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