How quickly to pump up the house press

How quickly to pump up the house press

To have the beautiful press, it is necessary to try to reduce the fat layer around the stomach, and at the same time to strengthen belly muscles by means of special exercises. The best stomach exercises are those which will be able to force all body to strain, supporting the back.


1. Make bendings, for this purpose lay down on the floor (on the mat or the rug) and extend hands before the breast. Raise knees up as far as it is possible. You don't get the hand for the head as it can create tension for the lower muscles which isn't required at all, however it is possible to cross hands before the breast or to raise hands to the level of ears (without holding the head and the neck).

2. Slowly raise the upper torso, pull it to knees, straining only press muscles. Be accurate when performing this exercise: don't raise the back completely at all – it will lead to tension in the back.

3. As soon as shoulders begin to rise from the floor, make the exhalation through the mouth. After shoulders came off the floor, hold the breath a little. As soon as they reach the highest level, exhale the air rest from lungs, using the diaphragm.

4. Fall slowly by means of the lower muscles of the back, make the exhalation through the nose. The exhalation has to be slow and proceed until shoulders don't fall by the floor. Then smoothly hang the head.

5. Execute raising of the trunk in the sitting position. Lay down on the floor, raise knees (the foot at the same time are on the floor), cross hands before the breast or lift them to the level of ears.

6. Try to sit down, holding the back directly. Fall by the floor. If performance of this exercise comes easily, use the inclined bench for occupations, or do it with the gymnastic ball. Further, it is possible to carry out raising of the trunk in the sitting position, using additional weight - it it is necessary to hold on the breast during exercise performance.

7. Do exercise "bicycle". From the prone position raise legs and spin in air as though you go by bicycle. By feet do movements as though you twist the imagined pedals. Complicate exercise – put hands for the head and pull the left knee to the right elbow, and then the right knee to the left elbow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team