How quickly to stretch out in house conditions

How quickly to stretch out in house conditions

Girls quite often dream to stretch out quickly in house conditions without need to attend special classes with the coach. There are special techniques of extension of muscles and ligaments capable to result in desirable result.


1. Consider that without preparation quickly to stretch out in house conditions it won't turn out. At first several days are necessary, and muscles of the body and legs are better to strengthen 1-2 weeks. Begin trainings with easy jogs in morning or evening which will help your legs to become stronger and will prepare them for further loadings. Instead of jogs on the street it is possible to practice running on the spot of the house or on the racetrack in gym.

2. Begin every morning with small exercises for all muscles. Surely include in it as much as possible exercises for legs: squats, lunges and swings in different directions. As soon as it becomes easier for you to perform these exercises, it is possible to pass to the trainings directed to stretching out.

3. Learn to sit down at first on the cross split (legs are extended in the parties), which usually is given easier and quicker longitudinal (one leg is extended forward, and another back). Sit down on the left knee. Begin to extend the right leg aside, trying to straighten completely it and sitting down as it is possible more deeply. Make not less than 20-30 pandiculations then replace the leg. This exercise needs to be done 3 times a day.

4. Try to sit down on the cross split completely as soon as alternate knee stretching come easily. Usually it is possible to start this phase in 3-5 days. Part both legs in the parties and begin to squat as low as possible. You will feel small pain. Do 20-30 squats 2-3 times a day. In several days of the muscle and ligament will stretch, and you will be able to stretch out completely.

5. Start exercises on the forward split. As well as in the case with cross for a start it is necessary to stretch each leg well. Sit down on the left knee and begin to extend the right leg forward, trying to straighten it completely then change the position for opposite. The number of approaches and repetitions – same, as well as in the previous steps.

6. Sit down on the forward split completely as soon as feel readiness for it. If by this time you could already stretch out in the cross form, then will quickly achieve result and here. If after several days of occupations you feel severe pain in sheaves, make the pause for 1-2 days that the organism has a rest then resume trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team