How quickly to tighten the belt

How quickly to tighten the belt

To have the beautiful slender body – the dream of each girl. Especially on the eve of the summer season or after the delivery when the woman gets fat a little. And the most problem part – the tummy – becomes the venue of the strengthened work on return of the elastic and flat form to it. And there is a wish to make it as soon as possible.

1. First of all it is necessary to forget about the wrong, though very tempting food. Fried, flour, sweet and the more so alcohol – the worst enemies of your figure and the stomach. Replace them with vegetable puree, tasty salads (without mayonnaise), easy broths and fresh juices or still mineral water. It isn't necessary to eat at one time everything that was prepared, it will be better if you eat small portions, but it is frequent. And, by the way, on the feeding mothers the rule isn't after six doesn't extend – you need to feed the kid. Just try to drink juice at this time or to eat easy salads which won't burden either the figure, or conscience.

2. Fasting day will help to reduce the tummy by couple of centimeters. That it will – – solve apples, kefir or fresh cucumbers salad to you, however here it is important not to starve itself and to drink water or green tea much.

3. Begin to look after your problem zone by means of special means. Buy the masseur, anti-cellulite body creams, srubs and the rigid broom. Pound your tummy in soul, peel skin and constantly you cause nutritious structures. During pregnancy surely use cream from extensions – it will allow to normalize quicker the tummy after the delivery.

4. You hold directly the back. The round-shouldered hunched back and round shoulders won't allow your stomach to be in the tone, and on the contrary, will relax press muscles. Having straightened the back, you will feel how your tummy was imperceptibly pulled in and visually became less. During the day you look at the turning aside in show-windows or mirrors and become straight if "were again bent".

5. Make friends with sport. Or at least every other day do small warm-up. Swing the press, involve and relax stomach muscles, make friends with dances and run, you twist the hoop. To pick up the set of exercises which will suit you, simply, the main thing not to be lazy and to persistently perform all exercises. And then your tummy will quickly return to former forms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team