How to accelerate combustion of fat

How to accelerate combustion of fat

Combustion of fat in the organism is caused by several factors. If you learn to influence them, then will be able to accelerate considerably this process and to make your figure attractive much quicker.


1. Never be engaged on the hungry stomach. The lack of the breakfast slows down natural exchange processes. If you haven't a bite several hours prior to the training, then your organism will simply not be ready to be engaged till the lunch in combustion of fats. Besides you will strongly get hungry that can lead you to overeating.

2. In two hours prior to the training drink the glass of milk or eat small low-fat cheese sandwich. You will be engaged more intensively. It means that during the training more fats will leave. Precisely maintain the specified time interval.

3. Master breath for ordering of the warm rhythm. Inhale air through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. At such way of breath your organism will receive more oxygen, and combustion of fat will happen much quicker.

4. Alternate sets of exercises, forcing to work as different groups of muscles. The organism in process of fitness spends less and less efforts, performing fulfilled exercises. Their change will force to work strongly less trained muscles that will provide the accelerated combustion of fats.

5. Perform power exercises before final extension of muscles since during this period of occupations the chemical processes take place with the maximum speed. Remember that increase in volume of muscle bulk is one of the most effective ways of combustion of fats. The kilogram of the acquired muscle bulk demands tenfold expenses of energy in comparison with fatty tissue. Usual dumbbells up to 3 kilograms will be suitable for such training.

6. Eat fractionally. Eat food in small amounts each four hours. You won't feel hungry, will smoothly lose weight, will provide the maximum level of combustion of fat. Drink more water or green tea. Use low-fat dairy and proteinaceous products and also the citrus.

7. Exclude alcohol from the diet. Remember that any alcoholic beverages promote accumulation of fat and break the metabolism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team