How to accept Proviron in bodybuilding?"

How to accept Proviron in bodybuilding?"

Proviron is one of the oldest medicines in own way. The Schering company was engaged in its production, beginning since 1934. During all lifetime it repeatedly changed the name, but despite everything, exactly the name Proviron is the most recognizable in the world.

Dosage form of a proviron

Release form – tablets of white color, rounded shape, with the letters "AX" placed in a hexagon on the face. On a reverse side – a strip for a convenient break of a tablet on two parts. Treats to group of hormonal medicines.

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Composition of medicine:

  • active ingredient: mesterolon. 1 tablet contains 25 mg of a mesterolon.
  • excipients: lactose, starch corn, it is seen, methylparaben (E 218), propilparagidroksibenzoat (E 216), magnesium stearate.

Advantage and harm

In the present Proviron received the greatest popularity in the sphere of body building and bodybuilding. Its main advantage is the property to stop process of transformation to women's hormone of anabolic steroids.

Other indisputable advantage before other medicines is the lack of any influence on development in the man's organism in the natural way of testosterone.

Also he is capable to formation of hormone of testosterone in blood that is one of the most attractive properties for athletes on a rate of steroids.

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For the athletes who are fond of body building, useful effect of this means is consolidation of muscles that allows to provide to a body much the best relief.

Despite obvious advantages of Proviron, as well as any pharmacological medicine, means has side effects. Though it is proved that they are insignificant, but everyone who plans to accept it has to get acquainted with them:

  • baldness;
  • excessive growth of hair on various sites of skin;
  • perhaps minor change of a timbre of a voice at women;
  • possible violation of level of cholesterol and arterial blood pressure;
  • prostate hypertrophy;
  • ginekomastiya;
  • causeless differences of mood – from aggression to a depression;
  • emergence of eels;
  • increase in a prostate;
  • liquid delay in an organism;
  • frequent or long erection;
  • allergic reactions are possible.

Important! Female persons need to refrain from use of this medicine as there is a high chance of development of a virilizm.

Indications and contraindications

Before taking any given drug, it is necessary to study surely indications and contraindications to be convinced that it is necessary for you, and will not do harm. Indications:

  • decrease in functional activity on average and advanced age of men;
  • violations of potency are revealed;
  • decrease or deterioration in work of functions of gonads;
  • low quality indicators of spermatozoa and, as a result, male infertility;
  • improvement of a visual relief of muscles;
  • preventing to a congestion of surplus of liquid in an organism;
  • decrease in negative impact of anabolic medicines.


  • the increased susceptibility to the main active ingredient is revealed, or the fact that are used as auxiliary;
  • prostate cancer;
  • liver tumor even if it was diagnosed in the past.

Whether you know? At accidental single reception of the dose considerably exceeding necessary the risk of toxicity is absent.

Pharmacological action

Acts as an active androgen, the way of reception is defined as oral. In comparison with derivatives of testosterone and him, it is not metabolized in estrogen (women's hormone). At reception does not do harm to a liver probably due to the lack of substitute of a steroid kernel. At hit in an organism promptly and almost without the rest it is absorbed within 25–100 mg. The greatest indicator in blood is fixed in 0.5-1.5 h and can reach values of 3.1 ng/ml.

This means contributes to normalization of androgens, at the same time negative influences on a liver are not revealed. Accelerates growth and formation of bodies which depend on androgens.

Induces development of secondary sexual characteristics in males who had deficiency of androgens before. Also positively influences quantitative and quality indicators of spermatozoa.

Whether you know? 80% of bodybuilders used Proviron at least once during a steroid course.

Instruction for application

Athletes who do bodybuilding at the professional and amateur level precisely heard about this means, but not all know how to accept it it is correct. Before buying Proviron and to begin to dream of a relief body, it is necessary:

  1. It is obligatory to see a doctor before acquisition or the use of drug for definition of an optimum dose for your body. In case you suffer from any malfunctions in your organism, intake of medicine can create complications or threat of life therefore it is necessary to undergo additional inspection.
  2. The drug is taken usually during a steroid course, for increase in its efficiency.
  3. According to practice a standard dose it is considered to be 50 mg a day. But it is possible to increase this dose to 100 mg a day in case the athlete has bigger weight.
  4. The day dose for women makes 25 mg a day, in certain cases for achievement of the best result the increase up to 50 mg is possible.
  5. About two times after meal are accepted, tablets cannot be chewed. They need to be swallowed and to wash down plentifully with water.
  6. It is impossible to increase independently medicine doses without preliminary consultation with the doctor.
  7. In case of identification of a long and painful erection, it is necessary to reduce a dose half. If it does not help, it is better to suspend intake of medicine to avoid a penis injury.
  8. If during a course of reception one of side effects is found at least, Proviron's reception should be stopped immediately.

Important! Use of hormonal means without preliminary consultation with the doctor can lead to serious complications and violations of a hormonal background of an organism.

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Medicine analogs

Every year the bodybuilding moves to all a new level in connection with rapid development of pharmacology in this sphere. Therefore it is not surprising that now there is a large number of analogs of Proviron.

About their efficiency and expediency of reception, in comparison with original means, constant disputes are conducted. The identity of each athlete, difference in the plan of preparation, food and duration of a course is the reason for that.

Therefore carry all means which are capable to improve a hormonal background, to treat problems with an erection, infertility and, of course, the medicines stimulating production of testosterone to Proviron's analogs.

Pay attention to properties of glutamine, creatine, a protein, amino acids.

Treat such medicines:

  • tamoxifen;
  • testagen;
  • klimofen;
  • HGCH;
  • pro-hundred-pin.

Any person, playing sports, wishes to receive result as soon as possible and to become successful in short terms. But use of pharmacology for achievement of the goal is not the best option. Of course, thanks to it your muscle bulk fast speed will begin to increase, muscles will become relyefny. But it is necessary to pay for all this, and your health will be the price. After a course with use of such medicines the greatest harm is done to a hormonal system and other, related functions of an organism.

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Proviron, undoubtedly, has a large number of pluses, but you should not forget, as minuses are inherent in him too. Therefore it is not necessary to abuse hormonal medicines. And if you made the decision that it is impossible to do without their use, then surely ask for the help the qualified specialist.


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