How to achieve cubes on the press

How to achieve cubes on the press

Beautiful press without efforts not to achieve. But if the object is set, then it is necessary to make efforts only. Cubes on the press demand time and trainings. On the way to the relief press it is necessary to pass two stages: the first - to pump up the press and the muscular corset, the second - to get rid of excess fat.


1. First, solve for yourself where you will be engaged. To make trainings regular, it is the best of all to acquire the subscription in gym. Besides there are the necessary equipment and exercise machines. Also you will be able to consult the coach about any given exercise.

2. Secondly, at once allow free time that there were no breaks for occupations.

3. If all of you decided to be engaged at home, then at regular trainings the below-mentioned exercises will help you to achieve the ideal press.

4. To work the top press, use twisting exercise. Lay down on the bench for pumping of the press with the return bending and record legs in the emphasis. Having received the situation of stability, take away hands for the head and make bending as far as you will be able. At the same time muscles of the press have to be strained. This exercise should be repeated in 5 approaches on 7 repetitions.

5. Swing the lower press on the special exercise machine for stomach muscles. Record the back in the comfortable position on the exercise machine back, then undertake handles. The body has to hang freely. Further straighten legs and carry out swing movements to the level of eyes. Try to execute 6 approaches.

6. Side muscles form the muscular corset of the press. The best exercises on study of side muscles - bendings in different directions. Become straight, put legs on width of shoulders. Raise hands to temples. Make bending to the left so deeply, as far as possible. Then become straight and repeat bending, only already to the right. Execute 5 approaches on 25 repetitions on each party of the press.

7. Sit down on the edge of the bench, raise legs so that they were bent in knees at right angle. To strengthen loading, try not to rest hands against the bench. You hold them at the level of the breast. Further carefully turn the left shoulder to the right knee. Accurately come back to the home position. Then repeat exercise, but already with turn in other party.

8. Repeat these exercises within ten days, and then, continuing to train, begin the second stage - combustion of fat. Get up on the racetrack or the exercise bike. Using any of these exercise machines for half an hour prior to the training, you will achieve more effective results. Also reconsider the food. Use less carbohydrates, refuse greasy, flour food. Eat more vegetables, fruit and drink more water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team