How to achieve increase in results

How to achieve increase in results

Occupations in gym - the best way to adjust the figure, to normalize vitality and to improve the health. Besides, regular intensive trainings will increase your force, and you will be able to do such things of which earlier didn't even dream. But trainings to trainings discord. And if first any sports occupations can bring results, then at the wrong approach the progress will stop soon. As it is correct to train and achieve increase in results?

It is required to you

  • The subscription to the gym, vitamins, amino acids, proteinaceous and carbohydrate food


1. At the first stage decide on training time. For the busy person there are enough six hours a week. Three trainings for two hours are enough to try to obtain the steady growth of results.

2. Healthy nutrition - the key to success in the training. Without it your muscles won't be able to grow. The healthy nutrition consists in distribution of all diet to 5-6 portions in day. Before the training (for the hour-half an hour) it is the best of all to eat carbohydrate food: bread, porridge, bars. It is desirable to use proteinaceous food (dairy and meat) as often as possible.

3. Achievements of medicine - also great way to accelerate increase in the results which are expressed in addition of both force, and muscle bulk. The use of amino acids (in which you shouldn't go to far, it is desirable to specify daily ""dose"" at the doctor or the coach) will allow your organism to acquire much quicker protein, muscle bulk will quickly increase. The use of the complex of vitamins will allow you to be tired and hurt less, your mood will improve.

4. Occupations in gym - the most important and the powerful tool of increase in results. Alternate power trainings (the bench press, the squat to the post, stanovy draft) to trainings on endurance (run) and flexibility (pullings up on bars).

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