How to achieve the wasp waist

How to achieve the wasp waist

At all times the women's figure in the form of hourglasses caused envy. To what only to tricks women resorted! To take at least fashion for corsets. Yes, they created effect of the wasp waist. But together with it did huge harm to the female body. All internals were compressed, blood circulation was broken that led at best to frequent faints.

It is required to you

  • - gymnastic hoop.


1. Begin to consume calories less, than you spend in the day. To make the waist slender, it is necessary to remove from it all excess fat. And it is impossible to achieve it only by means of physical exercises. Grow thin gradually. If the person starves, his organism keeps calories for emergency, but doesn't spend them.

2. Calculate how many calories you spend in day. It is possible to make it on Maffin-Dzheora or Harris-Benedict's formula. To dump 0.5 kg in the week, it is necessary to receive less about 500 calories a day. It is simpler to make it, than it seems. Refuse excess chocolate, replace sweet coffee with green tea, don't eat fancy bread. This advice will help you very simply to reduce the number of the consumed calories. Or refuse the dense dinner. Replace it with something low-calorie, for example, on 100 grams of boiled chicken and the glass of tomato juice. Try to grow thin at most on 1 kilogram a week.

3. Play sports. Usual walking will help to make the waist slender. Make foot walks 20 minutes every day. It is possible to be engaged also on the racetrack, but then the effect will be slightly worse. In gym access of fresh air is limited. So, there is no blood oxygenation.

4. You twist the hoop 2-3 times a week 10 minutes. This exercise will bring your muscles into the tone and will improve blood circulation.

5. Perform exercises for the waist. Lay down on the floor near the wall and put on it legs so that shins became parallel to the floor. Link hands in the lock behind the head. Slightly raise the head and shoulders from the floor and record this situation for 10 seconds. It is necessary to perform this exercise 20-30 times for the training.

6. Lay down on the floor and link wrist lock grips behind the head. Ride in one, in other party. Perform this exercise 3 minutes for one training.

7. Don't perform exercise on the press and sides. Especially bendings in the parties. They promote increase in muscle tissue. I.e. the waist from these exercises will become only is wider.

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