How to add physical loading during the sedentary work

How to add physical loading during the sedentary work

Sedentary work is hazardous to health of the person what doctors don't cease to warn about. Dorsodynias, excess weight, backbone diseases, the wrong blood circulation reducing operability of the brain and activity of other parts of the body – here consequences of such work. To prevent emergence of these problems, it is regularly necessary to play sports, in operating time to take the break, to walk and make small warm-up.


1. No exercise stresses and sports activities will help if you in operating time incorrectly sit. The inconvenient pose which is occupied by the person within several hours inevitably results in stagnation of blood in some parts of the body, to problems in the backbone, to dorsodynias. Your workplace has to be the most comfortable – hands have to lie on the table, hold the back directly, the foot let stand on the floor. Most of office workers sit in special computer chairs which are considered as more convenient, but actually it is much more useful to sit on the usual chair with the rigid back, than on the cheap chair. Or choose for yourself qualitative, expensive, orthopedic chair in which all anatomic features of the person are considered.

2. Take for the rule everyone half an hour to do small warm-up, without rising from the chair. Install the alarm clock or the timer and devote to several short exercises the couple of minutes. Make turns and bendings-headed, rotary motions shoulders, stretch, lean back on the chair, sit, having closed eyes.

3. Each hour get up from the workplace to warm up joints, to force blood better to circulate on the body, to pull muscles. It is optional to do full-fledged exercises, to resemble, make rather a little several bendings, to jump – choose any physical activity, main thing – you don't sit.

4. After four hours of the working day surely there has to be longer break. Ideally – one hour during the lunch. The meal seldom takes so much time, devote the remained time to the body, but not work. Go outside, take a walk if there is the opportunity – visit the gym hall at work, do the small extension or exercises. It not only will save you from problems with the health connected with sedentary work but also will help to refresh the head and to get down to business with new forces.

5. Play sports – any occupation which to you to liking will approach. The sport is badly compatible to the usual operating schedule, but it isn't obligatory for you to be engaged seriously, devoting to trainings on an hour and a half several times a week. It is possible to begin since ten-fifteen minutes, the main thing – regularity. Gradually increase this time to half an hour and don't subject yourself to serious loadings not to give up this occupation. You need not to become the strong athlete and to support the body and health in shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team