How to allocate time for sports activities

How to allocate time for sports activities

Doctors say much that the modern person in whose life less the place remains for physical activity needs to play sports regularly. But many people are forced to refuse to themselves it because of the lack of time. Nevertheless. There are ways after all to find time for the health and beauty even at the most busy schedule.

It is required to you

  • - sports equipment (depending on sport);
  • - sportswear.


1. You go on foot to work and from work if it is possible. Those who live too far, can make on foot only the part of the way. In this case you will spend rather a little time for physical activity, its all the same most part left on the trip in transport. In order that all to be in time in the morning, it is necessary to rise earlier.

2. Summertime change on the bicycle. In this case you will spend even less time for the road, but at the same time receive sufficient load of muscles. If you have to be in office in the strict suit, then it is better to take it, and to go - in sportswear. Then you will be able to change clothes at work, without being afraid that the clothes will look stale.

3. Do morning exercises. It takes not enough time, 7-10 minutes, but will give you cheerfulness and forces, will help to wake up quicker. It is the best of all to include easy stretching exercises in it (for example, pandiculations) and also squats, turns of the head and trunk.

4. Organize active holiday on the weekend. Thus you will be able to combine communication with family and sport. The simplest option - joint walk, it is possible to organize the campaign on skis in the winter, and it is for this purpose even not obligatory to leave the city if nearby there is the park. Go to the beach in the summer, but find full time not for obtaining suntan, but physical activity - swimming, beach volleyball and so on.

5. During the lunch break at work make "the sports pause". Walk at least around office within several minutes. It will help you to collect the thoughts for the successful completion of the working day.

6. If means allow, buy the racetrack or the exercise bike. During the occupations you can listen, for example, to audiobooks or communicate with members of household that will allow to combine two affairs and to save time.

7. Buy or make small dumbbells. To allocate several minutes for occupations easily, for example, you can swing muscles during viewing news on TV, or just any appeared free minute.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team