How to be engaged in water aerobics

How to be engaged in water aerobics

There is the set of ways for weight loss and maintenance of the organism in the tone. One of them is the water aerobics. This type of fitness will suit both pregnant women, and ordinary people who have no restrictions on loading.


1. The water aerobics represents the set of exercises intended for performance in the reservoir, liquid level in which isn't deep. Such type of aerobics will give moderate load of everything of groups of muscles that will be especially useful for those who can't strain the back or joints.

2. Before performance of the main exercises the warm-up, as a rule, is done. It is possible to begin with the usual step in water. Then it is worth jumping and making waves legs and hands. It is also possible to execute some elements from various dances. However, you shouldn't think that it will come easily. Water will show to your body the bigger resistance, than air. If usual warm-up appears insufficiently, it is possible to use dumbbells, gloves or flippers. They many times will increase load of the organism. But, perhaps, it is worth consulting with the doctor.

3. For lifetime of water aerobics the set of types of exercises is thought up. However, there are actions which form the basis for all of them. The simplest and known exercise can be considered usual swimming. It allows to develop all body at the same time, at the same time without straining it. If the person not really well swims, then it is not the problem as in water aerobics there is the restriction on water level.

4. Begin with run. Try to raise knees as it is possible above. It is optional to perform this operation on one place. Try to run on all pool. Especially it will be effective if occupations are passes in the river. When to run against the current, it will only strengthen load of muscles. It is worth performing exercise not less than 15 minutes, and water level has to be not higher than the breast.

5. The following exercise is intended for hips and buttocks. Get up facing the edge of the pool. Hands you hold hand-rail. You will raise the right leg and take away it back. Later make the most left too. Carry out 15 – 20 times.

6. Further it is worth doing exercise "scissors" and "bicycle". For this purpose lean the back to walls of the tank and raise legs, having formed the right angle. Besides, it is possible to remain in the same situation, to attract knees to the breast and to unbend them back.

7. One more effective way to pump up hips and buttocks are lunges. It is necessary to perform this exercise in water which level won't exceed your belt. And ball routine will be suitable for the press. Clamp it between legs and try to lower them to input. It is necessary to carry out within 3 minutes.

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