How to be engaged in weightlifting

How to be engaged in weightlifting

The weightlifting is power sport. And performance of the exercises consisting in the raising of weights is the cornerstone of this sport. Us today of the competition in weightlifting consist of two such exercises: from breakthrough and the push.


1. If you decided to be engaged in weightlifting, then don't begin to master at once work with the post and don't load the organism which didn't get used to it. It is the mistake of many beginners. For a start best of all address the skilled coach, he will prompt to you what it is necessary to begin with as it is necessary to be engaged not to do harm to the organism. First of all to you will advise to focus only on the general physical development (for the first two or three months). You will have to alternate various exercises on exercise machines, to dumbbells and the post (easy). This time intends for the research of opportunities of own organism, strengthening of muscles, ligaments, accumulation of forces. Only after that it is recommended to start the main trainings. And, as it was already told, only under the leadership of the coach.

2. By the way, exercises for development of physical force there is the set. They can be carried out by means of dumbbells, the post, round weights and also traction apparatuses. Similar exercises well proved therefore use them not only in weightlifting, but also in other sports. The weightlifting is the excellent opportunity not only for development of the maximum force, but also for development of force high-speed (it is reached thanks to performance of exercises with high motive pace).

3. The athlete-weight-lifter shouldn't forget about healthy nutrition, it has to have new, excellent from former, the diet. First, it has to consist both of proteins, and of carbohydrates. From proteins it is recommended to use eggs, fish, meat. Meat has to be mainly chicken as it is acquired easier than others, and energy in the organism is brought by necessary quantity. Limit amount of the consumed eggs, don't use more than three in day. Also you shouldn't forget about fermented milk products with the high content of fat: for example, about cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, milk. Also carbohydrates so safely use pasta, potatoes, white loaf are not less important.

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