How to be engaged on the house fitball

How to be engaged on the house fitball

Fitball - extremely popular apparatus for fitness. With its use it is possible to perform the set of the exercises giving load of the main groups of muscles. It is the best of all to begin the set of exercises with the small extension. Sit down on the ball, slightly rock, stretch to feet, make several bendings in the parties, and then start exercises.


1. For muscles to the nogvstanta directly, legs are slightly wider than shoulders. Take the fitball in outstretched arms, you hold it over the head. Begin to squat to situation "sitting on the chair". Return to the home position. Repeat 20 times in 2-3 approaches.

2. For muscles to the nogvstanta directly, place the fitball between the wall and the back. Nestle on the ball the waist that it didn't fall. Begin to squat slowly until until the fitball moves to the level of shoulders. Return to the initial position. Repeat 20 times in 2-3 approaches.

3. For gluteuses and the pressalyagta on the floor, hands extend along the body. Place the lower part of the shin and heel on the fitball. Raise hips over the floor, help themselves to hold with hands balance. Slowly bring knees to hips that yours of the foot appeared on the fitball. Be late in this situation a little and slowly return to initial. Don't lower the hip. Repeat 20 times in 2-3 approaches.

4. For the back part of hips, the waist, the press and muscles to the noglyagta on the back. Put hands along the trunk. Bend one leg and foot place on the ball. The second leg - the straight line, is extended to one line with the hip of the bent leg. Now try to unbend the leg as it is possible stronger, at the same time the straight leg rises up. Repeat till 10-15 times on each leg in 3 approaches.

5. For oblique muscles to the pressasyadta on the fitball. Place hands for the head. Cramp legs together. The foot stand on the floor. Now allocate the building to the right, at the same time taking away legs to the left. Then repeat in other party. Repeat 15 times on each party in 3 approaches.

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