How to be engaged on the racetrack to lose weight

How to be engaged on the racetrack to lose weight

Many people wish to have good physical shape, and for this purpose seek to dump unnecessary kilograms. Some their effective ways to achieve such results there will be occupations run. And if weather does not allow to run on the street, it is possible to go to the gym and to train on the racetrack. And before the occupations on it it is worth specifying: whether really to lose weight, training on a path whether there are contraindications and how to achieve the best results. About it is further in article.

What muscles work

As run is a cardiotraining, most of all it influences a condition of an organism in general and for the correct work of heart in particular and also endurance, development of airways.

During run the muscles are involved in different parts of a body therefore if you began to be engaged on the racetrack, it is worth learning what muscles train such occupations.

Generally at occupations the run studies a lower body which makes a half from our lump. There are several groups of muscles, each of which has the function, and all these muscles can be pumped up special exercises on a path.

Learn more about advantage and harm of occupations on the racetrack.

The main groups of muscles in a lower body:

  • muscles which are responsible for the movement of toes and also for mobility of foot from outer side;
  • back and front tibial — are responsible for foot inclinations;
  • calves — are responsible for rotation of foot and a raising of a leg;
  • hips and biceps — are responsible for the movement in knees, rotation of a shin, a body bend;
  • muscles of buttocks and inside of a hip — are responsible for fixing and turn of a body, balance.

The upper body is actively involved at occupations by run too.

Here such muscles work:

  • the press — protect internals and help at a raising of legs;
  • backs — support the case and help to stand, move;
  • shoulders — are responsible for turn of hands and help at turn of the head;
  • intercostal — hold edges among themselves, protect internals, promote the correct breath.

It means that during run very large number of muscles in all an organism is studied therefore such occupations help to train all body entirely.

Whether it is possible to lose weight, running on the racetrack

Often interests many beginning athletes whether will help to lose occupations on the racetrack extra kilos.

We advise to esteem about advantage of occupations on: elliptic exercise machine, orbitreka, rowing exercise machine, stepper and exercise bike.

First of all, it is necessary to consider that weight loss is a long process which combines in itself(himself) a set of components, such as balanced food, dream mode, duration and intensity of trainings, increase in level of loading. Therefore only at a combination of all these components and their correct performance it is possible to receive real advantage for an organism.

On a question whether there will be effective a training on the racetrack for weight loss, it is possible to answer surely — yes, as during run very large number of calories is spent.

Besides run can be considered more useful to formation of a beautiful figure, than, for example, occupations on exercise machines as helps to remove shortcomings of hard-to-reach spots of a body due to simultaneous work of a large number of muscles.

Whether you know? The first prototype of the racetrack was thought up in 1818 by Englishman U. Cubitt for prisoners who had to pump over by force of the movements water and also grind grain.

And the most important — you should not forget that the desirable result is yielded by only regular trainings. If for a long time to throw occupations, all dumped kilograms can return very quickly.


As well as in any kind of sport, there are also some restrictions in occupations with run at which it is necessary to avoid loadings.

Important! Before an intensive training the consultation of the expert (the doctor, the trainer) is recommended to warn an organism overstrain.

Allocate a number of contraindications for active trainings on the racetrack:

  • diseases of the motive device;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • problems with joints;
  • problems with pressure;
  • cardiovascular diseases: heart disease, stroke, heart attack;
  • problems with airways.

If there is at least one of above-mentioned illnesses, then it is not recommended to resort to intensive trainings.

Rules of effective occupations

In order that occupations yielded noticeable result, it is necessary to follow certain rules which will help to make a training of the most effective:

  1. Warm-up. Before starting loading, it is necessary to execute warm-up. These are general exercises for all body which will prepare it for hard work. At the same time it is recommended to put emphasis on a lower body by means of such exercises as turns of knees, study of feet, squats, inclinations.
  2. The balanced menu is one of the most important components of weight loss or maintenance of a body in a tone. The dishes containing a full range of vitamins and minerals, all necessary micro and macrocells have to make a diet. At occupations run it is necessary to lean on grain, vegetables, fruit. And here during such trainings it is impossible to resort to strict diets.
  3. Some advise to run barefoot, but it is better not to do so as at run of a leg, and in particular feet, strongly strain, besides bare feet are not protected. Special sneakers for run will help to train comfortably and will remove excessive load of feet.
  4. Correctly to run, it is also necessary to know how it is correct to breathe. It is better to do it through a nose: the breath has to be quiet, and breath — smooth and not faltering. If during run does not gasp, it is possible to connect breath by a mouth and a nose.
  5. Constant trainings and observance of the mode will give to an organism the chance to have a rest, be restored and in advance to be prepared for future loadings. It is very useful as the body will be independently adjusted on more intensive occupation, than in usual time, and will perceive it with advantage, but not as a stress.

At observance of all these rules to run on the racetrack it will be possible not only with advantage, but also with pleasure.

Exercises on the racetrack for weight loss

There are several types of exercises which can be alternated to lose excess weight. Each of them has the pluses and trains separate groups of muscles, or such skills as speed, endurance, etc. to a large extent.


Walking on the racetrack is a universal remedy for maintenance of a body in a tone as such training is suitable even for those people to whom occupations run are contraindicated, for elderly, injured, etc.

It will be useful for you to esteem about what muscles work when walking in different ways.

Feature of walking is that it strengthens muscles of all body and helps to normalize pressure, breath and work of heart. It is recommended to be engaged in this type of the movement of 5 times a week 30 minutes a day. For increase in loading it is possible to increase gradually speed approximately by 5% in 5 days. Also walking can be used as warm-up for more intensive sports.


Long run on the racetrack belongs to trainings with loading above an average, especially if to try to support one speed throughout several kilometers. For such occupation it is necessary to do surely warm-up, to choose the distance in kilometers and speed.

This option of a training is ideal for people who prepare for a marathon or a long running. It is recommended to run 30 minutes with a break for rest (jogging) 3 minutes. The number of occupations is defined depending on the purpose.

Read in more detail how to make warm-up before run what pulse at run is considered normal and also as it is correct to breathe at run.


Sprintovy run is the training aimed at the development of such skill as speed. Represents a short running with the maximum acceleration.

It is necessary to make previously warm-up, to run about 2 minutes at slow speed, then — in fast before development of the maximum speed, and after that to run the same distance at slow speed for calm and normalization of breath and work of heart again. Is suitable for athletes who participate in competitions. Helps to develop force and endurance, trains breath.

Rise uphill

It is run on the raised racetrack cloth. The feature of such kind of the movement is an increase in an expense of calories. Besides usual raising of a cloth on a corner from 2 to 16 ° it is also possible to adjust the special Hills mode which will imitate cross-country run.

It is useful for improvement of coordination of movements and is an additional power training.

Interval training

Interval run is considered an intensive look as in it there is an alternation of different exercises. There are several subspecies of interval run: sprintovy, tempo, with repetitions. All of them help to develop various running skills.

Important! At long runnings the organism loses a lot of water therefore its stock needs to be filled up constantly during the trainings.

The main feature of an interval training is the order of exercises — for example, high speed, then low.

How to be engaged and how many it is necessary to run to lose weight

Occupations on the racetrack are very popular with those who want to put a figure in order. That quickly and safely to reach reduction of volumes of a body, it is necessary to construct correctly the schedule of trainings and not to interrupt studies.

Alternation of different speeds or types of run on a path, for example, it will be an optimal variant: 6 repetitions with change of speed (2.5 minutes quickly, 2.5 — slowly), then 30 seconds — sprint, then — slow run.

After several occupations in the similar mode when the organism gets used to such loading, it is possible to increase gradually speed and to change types of run.

We recommend to esteem about what is more effective for weight loss the exercise bike or the racetrack.

It is not less important to watch pulse during the trainings for combustion of fat. A standard indicator are 120 beats per minute, but at higher intensity of movements it can reach 140 blows.

Video: as it is necessary to run for the maximum combustion of fat

The program of trainings on the racetrack for weight loss

There is a standard program of occupations according to which it is recommended to begin a cycle of running trainings.

Whether you know? In 1952 the first medical racetrack which served for diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases was presented.

Speed (km/h)


Time (minutes)


Slow run, exercises, walking



Moderate run



Intensive run



Run moderate, transition to walking


So, it is possible to draw a conclusion that occupations on the racetrack are capable to work muscles practically of all body and will even be able to replace a complex training in the gym. Such run will help to support a body in a tone, and, above all — to lose excess weight and to achieve a magnificent figure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team