How to be engaged on the Roman chair

How to be engaged on the Roman chair

Twisting on the Roman chair is the convenient and effective exercise for work on the top part of the press. This exercise machine allows to exclude unnecessary loading on flexor muscles of the hip and the waist therefore the main loading goes just on stomach muscles.


1. The Roman chair represents the special bench with the emphasis for legs. This exercise machine precisely influences the top part of the prelum abdominale. Twisting on the Roman chair develops force and perfects the form of top "cubes".

2. Sit down on the Roman chair. Arrange the basin completely on sitting, you watch that buttocks didn't play for the edge of sitting. Get legs under the special emphasis, previously they can be adjusted under the growth. Cross hands on the breast or get hands for the head and link in "lock", depending on the level of your fitness.

3. Make the deep breath, hold the breath and lower the torso a little lower than the level of hips. Make twisting forward: by effort of muscles of the press raise the head and shoulders from the home position forward on 30-60 °. You can raise the torso to perpendicular situation if it is difficult to you to work on weight.

4. Make the exhalation, having overcome the most difficult uphill section. In the topmost point of exercise make the small pause and statically strain muscles. Completely exhale and return to the home position. It is one repetition.

5. The range of movement on the Roman chair, unlike similar exercises on the floor, turns usual twisting into serious test for press muscles. Therefore in addition burdening in the form of "pancakes" or dumbbells can be not used. Additional burdening can lead to the fact that the main loading will be taken away on themselves by flexor muscles of the hip, and muscles of the press will remain aren't involved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team