How to be engaged on vibroplatforms

How to be engaged on vibroplatforms

The vibroplatform is the exercise machine for passive trainings. Occupations on it will help you to take desirable physical shape. The principle of operation of the exercise machine is based on impact of vibrations of impulsive current on all organism. Exercises on the vibroplatform stimulate muscle tissue, improve the metabolism, stimulate blood circulation. And the intensity and frequency of vibrations can be adjusted taking into account specific features of the person.


1. Study the instruction. In spite of the fact that occupations on vibroplatforms in most cases positively influence the human body, this exercise machine has the number of contraindications. Absolute contraindications to occupations on the exercise machine are considered: - tumors; - epilepsy; - skin diseases; - pregnancy and period of the lactation; - thrombosis; - shunting; - severe form of diabetes; - kidney and gallstones; - osteoporosis; - and some other diseases. The people having sharp hernia, cardiovascular diseases, migraine and various diseases of the retina of the eye before the occupations need to consult with the attending physician. However existence of one or several contraindications doesn't mean the total ban on use of the exercise machine. The doctor can allow you to perform separate exercises or to apply massage programs.

2. For achievement of desirable result about three half-hour trainings in the week are recommended to carry out. However to give to the organism the chance to adapt to loadings, the intensity is recommended to be increased gradually.

3. It isn't necessary to begin and finish occupations too sharply. Before each training it is necessary to do the 10th minute warm-up.

4. There are several main exercises, performing which you will be able to train various groups of muscles. Place one leg on the platform, and leave the second on the floor. Put arms on hips. When performing this exercise, muscles of the stomach, hips and the waist train.

5. Get up on the platform and undertake hands hand-rail. Bend legs in knees a little. Exercise trains calves of legs, buttocks and the back.

6. Sit down on the platform and tighten the legs bent in knees to the breast. You hold hands hand-rail. Thus muscles of hands, hips and shoulders train.

7. Kneel near the exercise machine and put hands on its basis. Shoulders, hands and the top part of the trunk train.

8. During the occupations it is necessary to control pulse rate. It is rather simple to calculate the maximum allowed frequency - take away from the 220th your age.

9. To avoid emergence of sensations of pain in muscles after the training, the intensity of loading in the last 6-12 minutes of occupations has to be reduced.

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