How to be more plastic

How to be more plastic

Soft grace, graceful movements, beautiful gait and ability it is rhythmical to move under music sounds – all these characteristics can be united the term "plasticity". If your body refuses to listen to you, movements clumsy and sharp, then you should be engaged in the plasticity.


1. Take dancing classes - it is the easiest and pleasant way of development of mobility of the body. Choose one or several directions which are close to you – modern dances, Latin American, occupations on the strip plasticity, oriental dances, etc. You have to experience positive emotions, otherwise trainings will become the real torture. It is absolutely optional to take dancing classes at the professional level – you can change preferences, trying to discover the loadings accepted for yourself. In order that in several weeks you could move freely and plastically on the dance floor, there are enough two or three occupations a week.

2. Any stretching exercises will help to make the body flexible – yoga, choreographic occupations, etc. Stretching the body in various poses, you train muscles and strengthen joints. If not to be lazy and be engaged every other day, then in few months you will be able to brag of grace of movements. The yoga will suit those who don't love dances – respiratory practicians together with stretching exercises will increase endurance of the body, will strengthen muscle fibers, will help to make the body elastic, plastic and harmonious.

3. Belly dance – the great way to learn to move gracefully, gracefully and plastically. This type of the exercise stress doesn't overload ankle or carpal joints, promotes formation of seductive bends, helps to master the fluent and beautiful movements. Your gait will change, will become more womanly and easy. The similar dancing technique has also improving effect, liquidating developments of stagnation in bodies of the small pelvis.

4. Be engaged at home independently if you have no time or the opportunity to visit dancing studio or the gym. Prepare the individual complex from several exercises aimed at the development of flexibility, extension of muscles and study of joints. It can be bendings of the case in the parties, forward and back, lunges, rotary motions, the extension of muscles of legs, hands, etc. To control the range and correctness of performance of separate movements, train in front of the mirror – you will be able to estimate effectiveness of occupations with each training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team