How to be prepared for competitions

How to be prepared for competitions

If amateur trainings in the gym can vary on intensity, and you can relax at any time, then the big-time sports, as a rule, don't give such chance – especially when it is necessary to prepare for sports meets and competitions. Preparation for competitions – responsible process which on complexity and degree of loadings differs from ordinary trainings. In order that preparation was the most effective, think over and plan training process. Observance of the plan and step-by-step performance of the conceived actions will result you in success.


1. The recurrence and gradualness of work have to become the key moments in the plan. It will train your organism and will give it the chance to be restored. Each subsequent training has to take slightly more moments, than previous and complicate your loading. With each training your abilities have to grow.

2. After each training you carry out self-checking – it will allow to understand whether the created plan suits you, and whether it is required to modify it. You watch the corporal kit, the state of health, the general spirit. Don't overload the organism – have regularly a rest and relax.

3. Loadings have to be thought over to trifles. Don't make the widespread mistake – don't organize yourself marathon runnings and trips to long distances.

4. Too volume training won't yield the necessary result and will overstrain you. It is much more important to pay attention to endurance and force – and these parameters need to be developed in regular trainings.

5. In the course of preparation for competitions it is the simplest to control the condition of the organism, measuring pulse.

6. Count the number of kicks in 10 seconds and increase by six. Check the state according to the heart rate – since the morning when you are quiet, and finishing last minute of the training when the organism was already given the certain loading.

7. Have patience – the training of endurance and force demands certain time. You need to divide training process into high-speed, power and special work. Alternate occupations that the organism had a rest from different types of loading.

8. Distribute classes in days of the week to create the certain cycle for the organism. On Tuesday work on power loadings, periodically giving themselves rest during warm-up. On warm-up your pulse has to make 110-140 beats per minute. On Thursday organize the high-speed training for a while.

9. Continue to train according to the put plan – on Sunday you can organize yourself the most difficult training, having finished the week cycle, and from next week having begun to train from the first stage of the cycle again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team