How to be prepared for jogs

How to be prepared for jogs

One of the most budgetary and effective ways of keeping fit, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and preservation of the tone of the organism in general is the ordinary jog. However and she demands the responsible approach and some preparation.


In spite of the fact that this type of physical activity without hesitation can be referred to budgetary, some equipment after all is required. It is, first of all, good footwear. Run differs from the hotba in the fact that at run both legs come off the earth, therefore, when landing the big load which to compensate just is placed on legs and the backbone and high-quality sports shoes on moderately springing sole are called.

Besides, for comfortable jog you will need to buy the light, not constraining movements clothes which have to be picked up strictly for weather. In hot weather it will be cut-offs, the T-shirt and the head bandage interfering falling off of hair on eyes.

Besides all above-mentioned there is the huge number of various hi-tech accessories for run among which: pedometer, sensor of pulse and pressure, speedometer and even GPS navigator.

Preparation of the organism for loading and warm-up

Run, especially on big distances is the serious load both of muscles and joints, and of the cardiovascular system therefore before jog it is necessary to do good warm-up which will prepare your organism. Run is universal in the sense that in the course of jog all muscles are involved, since muscles of the shoulder girdle and finishing with gastrocnemius muscles therefore and it is necessary to warm their everything. Main exercises which are the part of classical warm-up: 1) Circular spins by the head clockwise and against; 2) Arms swings, bendings of the case in different directions; 3) Warm-up of femoral, knee joints and also swing on tiptoe for the warming up of joints of ankles; 4) Squats (without tearing off heels from the earth) Certainly, here are given only general exercises, and any athlete is capable to diversify this program. The only thing what it is necessary to remember, so that all exercises of warm-up have to be dynamic, active, your purpose before jog is to be warmed properly.

What it is necessary to be afraid of?

In order to avoid problems with health during jog it is necessary to watch the health. If you feel giddy, the joint pain, nausea - immediately stop jog! To avoid similar excesses, it is necessary to observe the principle of gradual building of loading, so in the first week will enough run no more than 1 kilometer, in the second - one and a half and so on. Besides, you should consider meteoconditions. You for certain faced enthusiasts who preach masochistic approach to exercise stresses, insist on need of run, despite of snow, the rain and other weather disorders. Whether it is worth saying that having gone to jog during snow, not being thorough warmed, you will inevitably get sick.

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