How to be wrung out with cotton

How to be wrung out with cotton

Push-ups - the most available way to keep excellent physical shape, moreover, by means of it exercises it is possible to create the beautiful figure: big shoulders and the narrow basin, the developed breast muscles. However there are types of push-ups directed not to formation of relief muscles, and to development of purely physical characteristics of the athlete, one of which - the explosive strength.

Point of push-ups with cotton

As a rule, with cotton the young people face need to learn to be wrung out in sports section where the coach gives the command to execute this hard and even, somewhat, injury-causing exercise. What aims at the same time are pursued? To understand the mechanism of impact of this exercise, it is necessary to rummage a little in the theory.

Such purpose is set before themselves by the people practicing game sports, for example basketball, handball or soccer and also fighters of single combats which shock technique by definition demands development of explosive power, that is ability to develop in the muscle maximum effort for the minimum time.

Method of execution

Receive the lying support, hands shoulder width apart, the case of the straight line, the chin is lifted up and the eyes are directed forward. Fall most low, it is desirable to touch by the breast the floor. And then it is sharp, using all the explosive strength, straighten hands, trying to tear off both palms from the floor. It is the first, simplest stage of ""explosive"" push-ups. Having seized this type of push-ups, you pass to the following which, actually, and is the subject of this article. If in the previous exercise you developed only force, then now you should work also over coordination. During the jump when you tear off palms from the floor, make cotton. This condition imposes need: first, to jump up rather highly to manage to clap, that is to develop big effort at the breakaway from the floor; secondly, to develop coordination to manage to make cotton and to return palms back into place. There is also the third degree of skill performed by this exercise - three cottons: before the breast, behind the back, and again before the breast, however to beginners it isn't necessary and to think of it and why - it will be a question of it in the following section.

Safety measures

What dangers wait for the athlete at performance of this exercise? The most sad consequences expect you in case you after cotton don't manage to return palms into place and, thus, all weight will fall upon the relaxed hands. It is fraught with both bruises, and stretchings, and at worst - and fractures of hands. Besides, you can directly fall on the face, besides without having managed to hold up hands. Therefore it is so important to master this type of push-ups gradually, passing from simple to difficult: begin with the simple breakaway of palms from the floor, in the week you pass to unary cotton, and only in the month, at emergence of skill, try to increase amount of cottons.

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