How to become physically stronger

How to become physically stronger

If you want to become physically strong irrespective of why you need it – whether it be sport or just for yourself, - think of the correct power program consisting of physical exercises.

It is required to you

  • - weights
  • - dumbbells
  • - post


1. Use for trainings of the weight, the post and dumbbell So-called free weight – the best assistants in accumulation of physical force. They it is better than any exercise machines as activate the maximum quantity of muscle fibers, than and deserved the rank of the most effective. It is important to perform dumbbell exercises, the post and weights in the biggest range. It is caused by the fact that the greatest stretching of muscle fibers provides the maximum gain during their restoration.

2. Perform general exercises In order that you added force not in one concrete place, and in all parts of the body, it is the best of all to use those exercises which are designed for the large number of muscular groups. For example, this pulling up or squats when there is load not only of hands or legs, but also of the back, of the neck, of buttocks and other muscles. At the same time usual draft, say, on the biceps, not the most suitable exercise.

3. Be not overzealous with repetitions Do the small amount of repetitions, it is optimum – around five, however each of them has to "squeeze out" you to the drop. The small number of repetitions only develop endurance, however don't influence accumulation of physical force in any way.

4. Increase the number of approaches Depending on number of repetitions the number of approaches can vary from five to twelve. Can be more in case of initially quite good physical training. Gradually increase approaches. If you felt that you are tired much less, it is the sure sign of the fact that you became stronger and it is possible to increase loading.

5. Don't forget about rest For the best result it is necessary to have a rest as much as possible between approaches. 10-15 minute breaks during which you will be able to restore completely breath will be optimum, to fill the organism with liquid and to be prepared for the following exercise. You shouldn't think that the stronger you exhaust yourself, the become stronger. The Izmotannost doesn't affect physical force, and difference from the number of the done exercises in any way. Having a rest adequately, you will be able to execute more approaches and to achieve the best results.

6. You don't hurry When you lift heavy cargo, you shouldn't hurry to lower it. You have to do it as it is possible more slowly, increasing thereby loading. Thus, muscles will strain stronger, resisting gravity. You watch closely pace with which you perform exercises. It isn't necessary to relax sharply hands, lowering the post or the weight – do it smoothly and accurately.

7. Train more often The more often you carry out trainings, the quicker will achieve the goal.

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