How to become the traceur

How to become the traceur

Parkour it is possible by the right to call one of the most popular and spectacular types of street sport. Its elements are quite difficult for the unprepared person as the traceur has to perfectly know the body and have ideal physical shape. To join parkour, it is necessary to pass through the set of trainings.


1. Origin of parkour happened in France where elite special forces soldiers invented it for faster movement on the area with obstacles without use of supplementary equipments. Today the parkour passed from military barracks to streets of the cities where the youth overcomes everything that meets on the way, is exclusive by means of the flexibility and force, showing at the same time amazing agility and endurance.

2. Excellent physical training first of all is important for everyone who decided to do parkour – at the same time it isn't necessary to spend the day and night in gyms, pumping up enormous muscles. For the traceur enough strong hands and legs with lungs, but the most hardy muscles which can be strengthened by means of continuous squats and also at repeated pullings up on the horizontal bar and jumps through obstacles. Besides, it is necessary to train coordination of movement, going on the narrow board, but avoiding at the same time dangerous jumps through high fences or walls – it can lead to traumatization and fractures.

3. The beginner has to begin the trainings with regular and long jogs on ladder flights and also jumps on low designs which can be found in any city much. As clothes it is desirable to choose the free shirt and sports pants and also sneakers with the nonskid sole and the reliable lacing. It isn't necessary to put on the things which are holding down movements, as well as outerwear.

4. It is necessary to begin the training with the jump from one design on another, trying to keep stable equilibrium when landing. Then absorption of landing by means of hands and legs then it is possible to pass to the vault with the emphasis on hands at which the body on breakthrough is taken out forward and up is fulfilled. Obligatory point of preparation is working off of the vault on two hands during which legs are put sideways bodies. And, at last, the final stage of the training is setting of hands during run on the obstacle with the subsequent transfer of legs over this obstacle and take-off from it by means of the second hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team