How to begin to be engaged in kickboxing

How to begin to be engaged in kickboxing

The kickboxing gained great popularity as one of the most spectacular and dynamic types of combat sports. Best of all to be engaged in it at specialized school, but to begin development of kickboxing it is possible and independently.

It is required to you

  • - gloves, paws, safety padding and other sports equipment.


1. For occupations you surely will need the sparring partner therefore try to be engaged together with friends, companions on hobby. It is the best of all if in your group there are not less than four people, then each of you will have three sparring partners differing in physical data and the technique.

2. Define the place for occupations; any rather spacious room can be it. Good option is the school gym – talk to the physical education teacher go the director, to you almost for certain will allow to be engaged in the evenings. In warm season it is possible to be engaged outdoors, in any place covered from public eyes.

3. It is necessary to know that in kickboxing the basis is boxing preparation therefore it should pay special attention. At the same time, it is necessary at once to learn to combine organically kicks by hands and legs, otherwise you will become the "legless" or "armless" fighter.

4. At the very beginning of the trainings it is important to seize the culture of movements. Studying concrete kicks and combinations, pay attention to plasticity of movements, their harmony. Over time you learn to feel right movements and curves – they will be beautiful, filled with force. To the contrary, the wrong movements are always surprisingly clumsy and aren't esthetic.

5. Pay attention to technology of striking blows. The good blow isn't struck only with the hand or the leg, in this case in it there is no force. Always use the principle of the wave when the beating extremity becomes the conductor of force arising in legs, muscles of the back and the shoulder girdle. Such shot turns out very hard and biting. At the same time you will be able to carry out it in two options.

6. In the first case surgical strike, the hand or the leg is fixed (stops) in the point which is in the body of the opponent at the depth of several centimeters. It leads to the fact that all energy is released on very limited site. If you strike such facer, the opponent doesn't fly away aside, and falls on the place.

7. In the second option the kick is carried out with the bringing, the opponent is just swept away by it. As a rule, such kicks go on circular curves therefore in case of evasion of the opponent you don't lose balance.

8. You learn to launch the series of attacks. And not the two (one-two), and minimum of the three. Rather many athletes use in sparrings only kicks two that allows the opponent to adapt easily to the similar manner of fight, makes the kickboxer predictable. On the other hand, three kicks in a row are very effective, to be defended or evade from the third kick it appears quite difficult.

9. Work not only kicks, but also various cuttings, at the same time you learn to expedite them and it is organic. Consider that if you do cutting of static situation, she will hardly achieve the objective, the opponent will easily be defended or will avoid the attack. To the contrary, when cutting is carried out after some other actions, it becomes very unexpected. It is important that between cutting and the previous actions there was no pause. The technique of the good fighter differs in unity, plasticity, he has no separate kicks and movements. Work the similar culture of movements, and high sporting achievements won't keep themselves waiting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team