How to begin to do exercises

How to begin to do exercises

There will be a little people who will argue on advantage of physical exercises. However constantly there are new excuses and the promise to begin new life since Monday very often and remains unrealized.


1. Set the definite purpose for yourself. For example, promise yourself that you within two weeks will do exercises every other day. Motivate yourself – define the award for performance of the purpose, you praise yourself for each positive result.

2. Reject all excuses. If you have the bad mood or slackness, all the same begin the training. Physical exercises improve the blood-groove that allows muscles and ligaments to receive the increased amount of nutrients. As soon as you begin to move, forces and cheerfulness will return to you.

3. Allocate time for physical exercises in your daily routine. Admit to yourself what to find 10–15 minutes for the training quite really. And the laziness and passivity usually is behind thoughts of the lack of time.

4. Try to derive pleasure from physical exercises. Enjoy process, pick up exercises the bringing joy and satisfaction. Be engaged under favourite music. Try to distract from vital problems at this time, think of the body and of benefit which you bring to the organism, performing any given exercise.

5. Make the training complex. Let at first exercises will be simple. Begin physical exercises with the two-minute warm-up warming muscles and preparing the body for the main loadings. Include in exercises of exercise for muscles of the breast, the back, hips, the prelum abdominale. Finish occupations with stretching exercises.

6. Begin with small loading. Gradually increase complexity of exercises and duration of physical exercises. Getting used to changes step by step, for several months you achieve impressive results. And physical exercises will develop into the healthy habit over time and will become the obligatory part of your day.

7. Do not give up. If you threw trainings, always begin anew. Difficulties happen at everyone therefore try not to repeat mistakes. Don't worry if you had the interval in physical exercises performance. Gather and again try to be engaged.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team