How to begin to run

How to begin to run

The advantage of jogs is known to all. In the course of run there is the training practically of all muscles of the organism, joints work. By means of run it is possible to lose the excess weight as there is the active sweating that promotes besides cleaning of the organism of toxins. Well and of course, run is the excellent cardiotraining. Work of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation improves. And if you make jog in the fresh air, you promote hardening of the organism and oxygenate the organism (of course, it is in that case better to run in the park to breathe clean air, but not exhaust gases).


1. For a start decide on the schedule of jogs and time when you run – in the morning or in the evening. Remember that to run since morning on an empty stomach, right after awakening, it isn't recommended as work of all systems of the organism is slowed down at this time, and you not only won't help your heart, and on the contrary - can do serious harm to the organism. After the light breakfast it is possible to come for jog not earlier than in 40 minutes. Therefore if since morning you have no enough time – postpone the training to evening better. If your purpose is just maintenance of the organism in the tone, there are enough three jogs a week. If you want to lose excess weight try to run not less than 6 days a week, giving themselves one day of rest.

2. You don't stint and buy the good sports sneakers intended for occupations by run, especially if you run on the street. It will keep your backbone, the foot and knees from injuries. The clothes have to be free, from the light natural materials allowing the body to breathe and absorbing moisture without allowing the body to overheat in hot weather and defending in overcooling in cold.

3. Before jog it is necessary to execute warm-up to warm muscles. For warm-up it is possible to walk, execute quickly several squats, bendings, to jump on the place. If there is the opportunity, it is good to do several stretching exercises of muscles of legs and the back.

4. It is necessary to begin jog at low pace, don't start at once sharply, otherwise you will quickly exhaust. Try not to do excess movements not to overload the organism. During run incline the case slightly forward, for transfer of the center of gravity. Foot needs to be put softly, leaning on the earth all surface of the foot then doing smooth rolling on the sock. Flicks on heels can do harm to joints and the backbone.

5. It is necessary to breathe during jog the nose. If during run you begin to breathe through the mouth, so the organism suffers the shortage of oxygen – it is time to take rest. Drop into the walk, walk, don't stop sharply at all. After breath is restored it is possible to pass to run again.

6. Duration and speed of run depends on your physical training. If you are engaged in the gym on the racetrack, then duration of the training needs to be led up up to 40-45 minutes. At run on the street the organism receives more intensive loading as you will need to overcome roughnesses of the relief, the changing weather conditions. The normal duration of street jog is 25-30 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team