How to begin to run: basic rules of preparation

How to begin to run: basic rules of preparation

Wishing to bring the figure into the form and to restore health, many think of occupations run. To receive from jogs at most of advantage and pleasure, it is necessary to be prepared for them correctly. Not only purchase of comfortable clothes and footwear, but also some additional nuances is important.

State of health

Before jogs it is necessary to think of the state of health. As run at some diseases is contraindicated. This type of the exercise stress is inadmissible at feverish conditions, pathologies of the cardiovascular system, oncological diseases, the later stages of pregnancy, at exacerbation of chronic diseases. If there are any doubts, it is the best of all to consult with the doctor who will in addition advise the permissible load for the initial stage of occupations run.


It is considered that running trainings are most useful since morning. But this rule doesn't extend to those who belong to the category of "owls". If since morning it is very difficult to wake up, run won't give either pleasure, or advantage for health. Most likely, the person in this case will be limited to one jog and will forget about run forever. It is better to give preference to evening jogs in the most convenient time.


Of course, the perfect place for jog – the park with the large number of green plantings. But not always near the house there is the wood. If it is impossible to make jogs on the nature bosom, it is necessary to find the place with convenient tracks far from the carriageway. Air has to be rich with oxygen, but not exhaust gases, and the landscape has to dispose to the pacification.

Duration and number of jogs

For a start it is necessary to be engaged in run of 15-20 minutes, gradually leading up this time up to 40-45 minutes and more. At the initial stage it will be difficult to be adjusted on daily jogs, but over time they will become the integral part of every day. In general at first it is possible to be limited to 3-4 running trainings a week.

Clothes and footwear

The clothes need to be chosen carefully, giving preference only to natural fabrics. It extends to everything, including underwear. There shouldn't be neither rough seams, nor decorative elements which can injure skin. Girls have to think of the bra which will well support the breast. The qualitative footwear provided with the moderate soft sole or the springing shock-absorbers around the heel is very important for run.

Warm-up and hitch

Run can't be begun in case the body isn't warmed. Small warm-up has to involve all muscles that after jog nothing hurt. After the occupation it is impossible to stop sharply, it is desirable to walk at quiet pace to restore breath and to calm heartbeat.

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