How to behave in the tournament

How to behave in the tournament

To compete successfully at any given competition, it is necessary not only to be prepared physically and morally, but also to know some features of behavior. If all these aspects are considered, then it is possible to expect favorable result in the tournament.


1. Come to the territory of holding the tournament for an hour and a half. For this period you need to manage to change clothes, do good warm-up and to be adjusted psychologically. During warm-up don't allow anybody to disturb you with unnecessary inquiries or another insignificant matters as all this can bring down you from the necessary spirit. You can only follow instructions of the mentor if he gives them to you.

2. Be registered participants. If you already made it in advance, then be just convinced that you are entered in the list of competing. However this moment shouldn't distract you from the psychological and physical spirit in the tournament. Come to the place of creation of participants and announcement of referees. Listen to the anthem of the country and go to the secluded place to continue to warm up. Wait when you are invited to start.

3. Make a speech at the tournament as the call of participants. Behave extremely correctly with referees and other participants. Conform to those rules which will announce the referee. Remember that the unseemly behavior can be given not only to various sanctions, but even to send-off from the tournament. It will be very offensive if you long prepared for it, but couldn't constrain emotion at the right time. Upon termination of the competitive program leave to the vacation spot.

4. Execute the obligatory hitch. Run several circles and make extensions. Never just like that you sit and you don't lie even if you very much were tired as you can break the warm rhythm. Upon termination of the tournament come to rewarding even if you didn't appear among winners and prize-winners.

5. But if you took any place, change clothes in dry clean clothes and accept congratulations from referees and coaches. Thank for awarded the prize/medal/diploma. Discuss results of the tournament with the coach and execute analysis of mistakes which can be avoided in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team