How to behave with the man the Taurus

How to behave with the man the Taurus

Lyubov to fine, so expressed at men of Tauruses, does not avoid also the weaker sex. Article will disclose nuances of the attitude of Tauruses towards women and will make them recommendations how to behave with representatives of this sign.

In what traits of character these men differ

Representatives of terrestrial elements, at first sight they seem the grounded toilers. Their relations with people around are really sober and deprived of poetic vitaniye in clouds. However it is worth remembering — these people are wards of Venus, the planet which since ancient times was considered as the patroness of beauty and romantic love.

The combination of terrestrial thoroughness and vibrations of Venus introduces the following lines in the nature of Tauruses:

  • hedonism (judges of tasty food, expensive drinks and comfortable situation in general);
  • high susceptibility to fine (their estheticism reaches that they consciously consider people unpleasant to them ugly);
  • practicality;
  • aspiration to financial stability and even to luxury;
  • judiciousness;
  • diligence;
  • conservatism;
  • devotion to family, love of children;
  • passion for moneymaking (intellectual and material);
  • the persistence which is often turning into obstinacy;
  • self-confidence;
  • sociability;
  • tenderness and tenderness;
  • sensuality;
  • sentimentality and devotion;
  • charm (radiate aura of a soft charm and heat, at the same time their speech is very convincing).

Whether you know? Venus is the second manager of this sign; the first is Chiron. It is the minor planet called by name the hero of Ancient Greek myths, a wise and kind centaur. Chiron in astrology gives to the wards empathy and thin understanding of the person.

How to find approach to the man to the Taurus

Above-mentioned lines usually give the chance to Tauruses to become socially successful and well-founded. They have great success with women, however not everyone can take the place in their heart. To subdue the Taurus, it is necessary to know that he loves and as it is correct to behave with him.

Be sincere and honest

The Taurus is capable to read out the falseness proceeding from the person. This quality often helps it with work and is an additional bonus in the relations, giving the chance not to be exchanged for hunters behind its purse and a stamp in the passport. The man will estimate your sincerity (reasonably, of course — you should not be told on the first appointment all the biography).

Show tranquility

The Taurus needs tranquility and regularity as nobody else. The "Italian" passions, hysterics and scandals — a certain way to avert from itself this man. It is important to be balanced and even at the moments of disagreements to keep endurance and to look for compromises.

Be patient

Representatives of the sign are quite sluggish and have analytical mentality, they do not make any decisions hastily. That is why in the relations with them it is necessary to have patience and to enjoy gradual succession of events.

Be natural

The defiant make-up and deliberate coquetry are capable to push away Tauruses. They are very acute and do not transfer affectedness and attempts of the woman to go all out to draw attention.

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Do not specify as how to do

Representatives of the sign are very pragmatic, do not suffer manuals and will always arrive as find necessary. They had no objection to return to times of strict patriarchy and "Domestic tyranny". You will not surpass this man in obstinacy but only in vain you will spend forces, time and nerves.

Besides, the Taurus angry with control attempt is capable to fly into a rage, and in anger it is terrible. The offended man behaves as a constellation symbol — the furious bull trying to crush the offender.

Do not criticize

The Taurus is always confident in correctness of the acts. Criticism, and furthermore public — a taboo in the relations. It is not recommended to discuss the partner's shortcomings with the relatives and friends also. You cannot be charged that rumors (perhaps, distorted) will not reach the man. In that case he will be extremely disappointed.

Give support in all

The woman has to provide the strong back and undertake all cares of psychological and emotional state of the man of the Taurus. It needs to be accepted it what it is and to praise sincerely.

Become the hostess in the house

The cosiness in the house and tasty food is very important for these gourmets sybarites. The female careerists who got used to vanish till midnight at work and ordering ready food on the house have few chances to be pleasant to the Taurus.

Important! These men are visual learners and attach great value to appearance of the woman. Their ladylove can not have model characteristics, but to be obliged well-groomed from hair completely, to put on beautifully and appropriate.

What they do not love

Building up the relationship with men of this sign, it is necessary to remember that they badly transfer:

  1. To the critic. As it was already told above, the Taurus very much suffers from discontent of the companion and is constantly ready to reflect her attacks that badly affects the relations, up to a gap.
  2. Jealousy, as the, and others. The competition for the woman or mistrust from her party do not warm up feeling, and on the contrary, lead to cooling and dissonances.
  3. Otverganiye woman of the physical party of the relations. Tauruses look for in the companion of life the woman with bright temperament, the concordant on experiments in a bed. However, it is also contraindicated to agree to sex on the first appointment.
  4. Excessive extravagance, foggy speeches. The affectation and excessive originality in clothes and acts confuse these men.
  5. Frequent sit-round gathering of the woman with girlfriends. Representatives of this sign prefer that the lady gave the maximum quantity of time him and to the house.
  6. Insistence and commercialism. Having fallen in love, the man will present you gifts (not fabulously expensive knickknacks, but qualitative and necessary) and to care for you, without reminders and ultimatums.

How to leave the man the Taurus

The Taurus is a zodiac sign of the motionless (fixed) cross. Waiting and passivity including in a question of break in relations are characteristic of these people. They will delay very long parting, and in the presence of the general children can so never and not decide. If the Taurus announced to you parting, it will not become for you a bolt from the blue, for this purpose you need to be guilty very strongly. But if its decision on a gap is final, it will be almost impossible to return this man.

Important! Treason of the woman (and even simple acceptance of courtings of other man), or systematic manifestation of disrespect for the partner by it is the main reason for parting.

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

Consider features of relationship of the Taurus with other signs.

Zodiac sign

Features of the relations


These relations — the real bullfight. The ardent Aries tries to force the man to act in the course necessary to it, and that resists very much. These two — parallel straight lines, the bright lover of the Aries parties and the fan of quiet rest the Taurus.


It is one of the few unions of the signs of the same name which are capable to become happy and durable. They admire each other with mutual practicality. Their family — the special cozy, harmonious world which is occasionally broken by disputes on the one who is more main. These disputes and also boredom, can sometimes become couple disintegration reason.


In the Taurus the skill to communicate of Twins, their ability to agree and inspire gets a response. Unfortunately, Twins are too impulsive and changeable, not so tied to the house, kind of the Taurus wanted. Their disorder and randomness irritate the man, and that, in turn, seems to the air lady too sad and boring.


It is very successful union. Emotions of Cancer as easy waves on a water smooth surface, such what are necessary for the Taurus not to get bored. The fidelity, decency and thriftiness of this woman also very much impose it. She is capable to understand it as nobody else, and finds in the Taurus support and a strong shoulder.


This couple — ideal colleagues and friends, but their marriages are usually not really successful. The reason for that — the wastefulness conflict Lviv and some chariness of Tauruses. The lioness should show remarkable wisdom not to irritate the spouse with the passion for magnificent life beyond the means and to gallery play.


To them very comfortably with each other, their family is almost ideal. The maiden will care for children and the house is so qualitative that her man will not find a reason for criticism. A role of a spoon of tar will be played by lack of bright emotions and boredom.


Venus manages both signs that makes them partly similar in their love for beauty and comfort. At the same time Scales are inclined much and not on business to speak and also to constantly try to improve couple life that irritates the Taurus a little. And Scales fall apart because of unshakable obstinacy and cavils of this man.


It is difficult to find more unlike couple: reserved Taurus and emotional, sometimes sharp Scorpion. Nevertheless very much pulls them to each other, in the physical and spiritual plan. The jealousy on both sides will be threat for these relations. Having moderated the suspiciousness, these two can create really strong union.


From the point of view of the terrestrial partner, the Sagittarius is too freedom-loving. It is difficult for little body to understand both its adventures and mad acts, and love for the noisy companies. This union will require sincere desire to go on compromises and to leave each other a scope for self-expression.


This couple of very similar people in the pragmatism has every chance to start a strong family. The man will be delighted with common sense, gravity and responsibility of the companion. In the union with the ward of Venus the Capricorn will soften the severe asceticism and will begin to develop in himself the esthetic beginning.


It is complex union of the materialist and lover to reflect on abstract. It is sometimes difficult for Aquarius to explain to the man the thoughts and the ideas, but at the same time the Taurus highly appreciates the combination of reliability and ease inherent in this woman. He wants to win it and never happens to it boringly.


In this couple the man, facing tenderness and fragility of Fishes, feels need to protect the companion. In this union there is a lot of romanticism and sentimentality, and at the same time both signs everyone are in own way practical and seek to make the house the coziest, and the romanticism often is expressed in daily care and touching trifles.

Whether you know? The most known Taurus in the world — Buddha whose birthday is traditionally celebrated for the eighth day of the fourth month according to the lunar calendar.

In the Taurus the terrestrial practicality and thin warm-heartedness, sentimentality wonderfully are combined. These men are good business executives and strong stand on the feet, at the same time cherishing in heart love for all beautiful and sublime. It is simple to draw attention of such man, it is enough to be attractive, well-groomed and it is natural to behave, and here it is not so simple to hold interest. The recommendations stated in article will help with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team