How to box pear

How to box pear

Exercises with pear take the important place at working off of kicks in boxing. They strengthen coordination of movements, muscles stabilizers force to work and just calm nervous system. Boxing of pear also helps to shape up and lose extra kilos.

It is required to you

  • - pear;
  • - gloves or boxing bandage.


1. Execute warm-up to warm muscles and to avoid stretchings. For this purpose run about within 10 minutes, at the same time performing the following exercises: lifting of hips to the breast, arms swings in different directions, kicks before on the imagined opponent. Or jump on the jump rope. Then execute side jumps, squats and bendings of the case in different directions.

2. Take the initial position. For this purpose get up before pear at arm's length, slightly bend legs in knees and put them shoulder width apart. Then you will expose the left leg forward, having transferred to it 60% of your weight. Tuck the stomach in, hunch the back a little, and slightly lower the chin to the breast. Bend hands in elbows, press them to the trunk so that fists closed the chin, and shoulders – the breast.

3. Turn the body a little to the left and execute the straight line and the flick in pear the left hand. Then quickly return it on the initial position, having closed the case. Try to turn the left shoulder at kick so that force of return fell not on the head, and went through the shoulder and the case to the right leg. The right hand has to remain on the place, marking the chin and the liver. Execute in a row several kicks, every time returning the left hand on the initial position.

4. Without changing the position, execute direct strikes the right hand, every time returning it on the initial position that the fist defended the chin, and the elbow – the liver. At kick turn the case a little to the right. Return has to go to the right leg through the right shoulder. The left hand at the same time has to mark the case and the chin on the left side.

5. Change position of the left hand, having pressed the shoulder to the breast, and the forearm – to the stomach. Her fist has to fall on area of the liver. Come very close to pear, having received it on the shoulder of the left hand. Legs have to take the position described above. Be sharply removed from pear, strike it with the bent right hand at the level of the breast, then left at the level of the breast and again right, but already direct and is slightly higher than the head. It is necessary to do it very quickly, being shaken like the pendulum. Repeat all exercises several times.

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