How to bring into the shape of the buttock

How to bring into the shape of the buttock

Of course, in the woman everything is beautiful, however, tightened and elastic buttocks steadily draw attention of representatives of the opposite sex. Alas, but those women who are engaged at ""sedentary"" work notice over time that gluteuses weaken and droop, as a result all beauty and appeal are lost. Complex measures will help to bring them into the form.

1. Pay attention to the food, reduce the content of fats and carbohydrates in products. Begin to practice fractional separate food. Eat often, but gradually. The last meal has to be not later than 4 hours to the dream. For the night drink the glass of the fat-free kefir that stimulates digestion. Eat more products, vegetables with the high content of cellulose.

2. Fine means for disposal of cellulitis on buttocks and hips – massage. Do it as often as possible. Mass buttocks in the standing position or lying, you can use one or both hands as it is more convenient to you. For strengthening of effect and force of impact on gluteuses use special devices for massage – brooms, mittens, rollers. Muscles of buttocks have to be relaxed, apply on them special oil. If you mass hands, use such receptions as stroking, grinding, capture of skin together with fatty tissue and movement it, without releasing from fingers. In the month you will feel result from such massage.

3. Performance of the complexes of physical exercises which are specially developed for buttocks will be not less effective. But you remember if you want to achieve result, they should be carried out not periodically, and it is regular, it is desirable – every day. Carry out them in the morning or in the evening when you have for this purpose time and try not to skip classes.

4. Actually, one of the most effective ways which will help you to keep excellent shape not only buttocks, but also all body is fast walking and run. This way is good also the fact that it can use not only during jog or walk, but even just moving on the city. You go the fast pace, you can strongly strain and keep in such state the gluteus at the same time. Walking on fingers is effective. Taking the step, put the leg on fingers, then lower it on the heel, straining muscles of buttocks. But you remember that it is necessary to move as much as possible. If during the day you go a little, make the rule at least half-hour walk by the fast pace before going to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team