How to build muscles to the breast

How to build muscles to the breast

The athletic physical build can't be presented without massive torso. For extension of volume muscles of the breast it is necessary to train constantly the upper (clavicular) and lower (sternal) muscles.

It is required to you

  • – dumbbells;
  • – post;
  • – expander.


1. Choose the weight of dumbbells and the post depending on your physical training. During the training to you it has to be comfortable. Growth of weight surely has to be gradual, don't overload the organism. For the first occupation try to increase the weight of dumbbells, you won't pick up yet such with which you will be able to make 3 – 4 repetitions of any exercise, and then take dumbbells of 70% of this weight and train at first with them.

2. Perform each exercise not less than 10 times. Do 2 – 3 approaches. After each set arrange the break for 1 – 2 minutes.

3. Begin the training with the warming up of muscles. Do wide arms swings in different directions.

4. You pass to push-ups. Rest straight arms against the floor at the level of shoulders. Extend legs back, rise on tiptoe. The foot have to be parallel each other. Legs and the back are on one horizontal line. Bend hands in elbows, be late in the lower point for 1 – 2 seconds and rise up. You watch that the head wasn't mobile.

5. Lay down on the inclined board located at an angle 45 degrees of S.V each hand take on the dumbbell, having taken them palms inside, you hold wrists parallel to the floor. Press dumbbells up. Then straighten hands before yourself over the breast, palms inside. Slowly you part hands in the parties, at the same time elbows have to be a little bent. Lower dumbbells, don't feel yet how pectoral muscles stretched.

6. Lower the board to horizontal position. Lay down on the bench, bend legs in knees and rest feet against the floor. Lift the post on the straightened hands over the breast. Deeply inhale, bend the back a little and lower the post until it touches the breast. Be late in such situation. Then again lift the post up and make the exhalation.

7. Take instead of the post of the dumbbell now and you hold them about shoulders, palms inside. Press dumbbells up. In the topmost point as much as possible strain breast muscles. Slowly lower hands in the home position. The dumbbell press strains more actively and stretches pectoral muscles.

8. Get up, you hold the back directly, put legs on width of shoulders. Extend hands with the expander over the head. You part straight arms in the parties on the breath, and on the exhalation come back to the home position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team