How to burn excess fat

How to burn excess fat

In most cases foul of balance between receipt and expenditure of energy is the reason of excess weight. Most of all calories get to the organism with fats. Their surplus is postponed in the form of the glycogen under skin and around internals.


1. Set before yourself attainable aims on rates of weight reduction. For the ordinary person - it is 2-3 kilograms a month.

2. At the initial stage of trainings the muscle bulk can grow, and the amount of fat to decrease, weight at the same time remains at the previous level. To obtain reliable information about results of the training, it is necessary to define percent of fatty tissue in the organism, it can be done, having measured thickness of skin and fat folds.

3. Pick up the individual program of trainings. It is the for this purpose best of all to consult to the professional.

4. Adhere to the balanced diet. The correct diet makes 70% of success. The half of energy of the eaten proteinaceous food is spent for its digestion. The popularity of proteinaceous diets is explained by it. And at the mixed food only 10% of the general caloric content are spent for digestion.

5. Include in the program one power training a week. It has to include all muscular groups with the large number of approaches, not less than 12. Power trainings support the optimum weight of muscle bulk and give to the figure the tightened, beautiful view.

6. Combustion of fat results from aerobic training when the large number of muscles at the same time get into gear. For the person weighing 70 kg the power consumption during run with the speed 8km/hour will be 560 kcal/hour, when walking on the track with the speed of 6 km/h – 280 kcal/hour. And here dancing lessons will give power consumption in 420 kcal/hour. Roller skates, aerobics, game sports, swimming - 500 kcal/hour. Change intensity of loading not to allow the organism to adapt. The significant result can be received if 2000 kcal a week are spent.

7. Duration of aerobic training has to begin from 20 minutes of continuous work, the longer you work, the more burn fat. Add each training on several minutes, increasing duration up to 40 – 60 minutes.

8. If you correctly train and eat, and weight remains the same, then it makes sense to consult the endocrinologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team