How to buy the trampoline

How to buy the trampoline

Trampoline - the apparatus consisting of the round metal frame and the strong elastic material tense on it. Jumps on it are not only remarkable sports loading at which all muscles of the body evenly work. Such occupations give a lot of pleasure to both children, and adults. Therefore if you want to receive the charge of cheerfulness, good mood and at the same time to keep the slim, tightened figure – buy the trampoline.


1. Trampolines are on sale in sports shops and in online stores. Buying the trampoline, it is necessary to consider thickness and quality of steel of the framework. The framework from steel 1.5 mm thick is calculated on occupations of people, up to 70 kg, the framework from 2 mm of steel will sustain up to 100 kg. The trampoline framework for occupations on the street has to have the galvanized factory covering or the polymeric covering which will defend steel in corrosion.

2. Material on the trampoline has to be elastic, dense, not have seams in the middle. Today for the hopping surface such materials as polypropylene or permatron are used. These fabrics are strong on the gap, are resistant to ultraviolet and temperature drops, don't stretch, always keep the flat state.

3. If you are going to use the trampoline as the apparatus in the gym, then choose the special sports trampoline with a diameter up to 6 m. The trampoline with a diameter of 3-5 m perfectly will be suitable for occupations in the fresh air on the personal plot. For house occupations choose such trampoline which will be suitable specifically for your room. Today special trampolines for the house with a diameter of 1.5-3 m, the spring design are on sale. Some trampolines can develop, have small dimensions and weight.

4. Special attention should be paid to the choice of trampolines for children. It is no secret that children very much love trampolining. It is cheerful and, almost, safe. For your child choose the trampoline according to its age and character. Children's trampolines are issued from "manezhny" options with the goal net today, to universal trampolines which can be used also in the apartment, and outdoors and as the pool if to pour to it water.

5. Upon purchase of the trampoline surely pay attention to certificates of quality, your safety, safety of relatives and children depends on it. Children's trampolines can be checked also the adult (only not "manezhny" options!). When using of the trampoline follow safety rules.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team