How to calculate the normal weight

How to calculate the normal weight

Before beginning to bring the body into the ideal form, it is necessary to resolve the issue — what weight will be norm. There are several conditional formulas for determination of normal body weight.


1. Use Broca's formula for determination of ideal weight. If height less than 155 cm, subtract from its value 95 if growth fluctuates between 150 cm and 165 cm — subtract 100, with the height of 165 — 175 cm — it is necessary to subtract 105, and with the height over 175 cm take away 110.

2. Determine the body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet's index. For this purpose divide weight in kilograms into the squared growth in meters. For example, height is 1.8 m and weight is 85 kg. Square growth in meters 1.8*1.8=3.24, divide 85/3.24=26.2. Normal BMI receives value from 19.5 to 24.9. Parameter lower than 19.5 speaks about excessive leanness. About excess weight — BMI from 25 to 27.9. The value above 28 indicates obesity.

3. Learn borders of ideal weight. For this purpose increase growth in the square by 19.5 and 24.9. For the example, with the height of 1.8 m the lower bound is weight in 63 kg, top — about 80 kg. Recognize physical build type by the wrist grasp. At asthenic (thin-boned) type the wrist grasp less than 16 cm, at normostenichesky (normokostny) — the wrist grasp from 16.5 cm to 18 cm, at hyper sthenic (shirokokostny) type — more than 18 cm. At thin people the ideal weight is close to the lower bound, at shirokokostny — to top.

4. Measure the circle of the waist and hips. At the woman the waist shouldn't exceed 80 cm, men have 94 cm. Count the waist circle relation to the circle of hips. Women normal have to have this relation no more than 0.85, at men up to 1.

5. Calculate ideal weight by Breytman's index. Increase growth in centimeters by coefficient 0.7. And subtract 50 from the turned-out result.

6. Measure the thorax circle. Use the formula Borngarda — increase growth in centimeters by the thorax circle in centimeters and divide result into 240.

7. Determine normal weight by the formula Neglera. On each 152.4 cm of growth 45 kg of weight are necessary. On each 2.45 cm over 152.4 cm 0.9 more kg are necessary. That is subtract from your growth in centimeters 152.4 cm. Divide result into 2.45, and then increase by 0.9. To this number add 45 cm. And then to this weight add another 10% of the received result.

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