How to carry out the extension of muscles

How to carry out the extension of muscles

Thanks to the extension of the muscle there are stronger, and joints - mobile. Being engaged in the extension, you reduce risk of developing of injuries. It is recommended to give such classes daily.

Extension of muscles of the top group

Begin the extension of muscles with the neck. Get up, straighten the back. Incline the head serially to each shoulder, then forward and back. Don't raise shoulders.

To stretch muscles of hands, perform the following exercises. In the standing position straighten the left hand before yourself. The right hand take the elbow and attract it to the right shoulder. Be late in this situation for several seconds then replace hands. Connect wrist lock grips on the back: one hand reaches for shovels from above, another holds it from below and pulls on herself. To stretch the biceps, undertake one hand the door jamb and direct the body sideways. You will feel how the corresponding muscles of the hand stretch.

For the extension of muscles of the breast get straight arms for the back and strong close palms. Raise hands as it is possible above. Other exercise: get up in the doorway, rest elbows against door jambs and be crossed by the case forward. Feel how your pectoral muscles stretch. It is also possible to kneel before the bench, to put on it elbows. It is necessary to aspire the thorax as low as possible to the floor.

For the extension of muscles of the press stretch all over up, then execute the bridge. For this purpose from the prone position rise over the floor on palms and stupnyakh. Palms at the same time stand behind the head. To stretch back muscles, receive the pose of the stretching cat. Go down on all fours, serially round and bend the back. Other exercise: sit down on the sofa, draw in legs under yourself. Put hands on the floor. Bend hands and at the same time cave in in the back. Bend legs in knees and try to touch by nape fingers. It not it difficult exercise as can seem. One more exercise: lay down on the floor and throw straight legs for the head.

Extension of muscles of the lower group

To stretch muscles of legs, sit down on the floor. Extend straight legs before yourself. Incline the case forward and try to touch by the thorax and the stomach of legs. Except muscles of legs, when performing this exercise, back muscles also last. Other exercise: get up, undertake the wall for balance. Do by each leg forward swings, back and aside. To stretch hip muscles, undertake the anklebone of the leg and pull it in the direction of the head. Other hand you hold the support for balance. To stretch gastrocnemius muscles, receive the standing position. Bend forward, rest hands against the floor and move ahead a little. The back and legs remain straight lines, the body is bent at an angle in 90 degrees. Try to reach in this situation heels the floor. Also for the extension of gastrocnemius muscles it is possible just to step on some subject the sock, and to direct the heel down.

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