How to carry out twisting

How to carry out twisting

Twisting is general exercises on the press. In particular they allow to work direct muscles. Twisting is the main exercise for giving of relief to the press. There are several types of this exercise, twisting on the floor is considered as classical.


1. For performance of twisting on the floor it is necessary to lay down on the plain surface. Bend legs that in knees there was the right angle. The foot are pressed to the floor. Get hands for the head, you look in the ceiling. If to hold legs suspended or to place them on the eminence, load of the press will increase. For this purpose it is possible to pick up cargo also.

2. Deeply inhale and on breath holding raise the upper body from the floor as it is possible above, but so that not to tear off the waist. Round the back as though you roll the body. You watch the proper head position: at the maximum rise you have to look directly. Be late for one or several seconds in this situation.

3. Then on the exhalation lower the case in the home position. Wait several seconds or make the breath exhalation, after that carry out the following approach of twisting. You watch that when performing exercise there was at least the minimum breath holding. Air serves as the peculiar framework in the abdominal cavity, being the guarantee that you don't injure the backbone or the waist.

4. If you want to work direct abdominal and oblique muscles of the stomach, then carry out twisting with turn. Lifting the case, develop shoulders in one party, at the following rise – in another.

5. To load muscles of the lower part of the press, use the return twisting. Lay down on the floor directly, extend hands along the body. Bend legs in knees, then raise hips, tearing off them from the floor and tightening knees as it is possible closer to the breast. The head and shoulders shouldn't come off the floor.

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