How to cease to drink the protein

How to cease to drink the protein

The protein, or protein is the organic matter playing the main role in the metabolism. Proteins form the basis of muscle tissue of the person and play the important role in course of the majority of reactions in the organism. Athletes understand the main type of sports food which consists of the concentrated protein as the protein.


1. The companies specializing in production of sports food offer the wide choice of the protein, promising fast accumulation of muscle bulk from its use. Coaches on fitness take up the initiative and unanimously assure that without the use of artificially synthesized protein to achieve fast outstanding results won't leave. Their main argument in this respect comes down to the fact that it is quickly acquired and doesn't contain impurity in the form of fats and fast carbohydrates, besides it is very easy to calculate the necessary number of consumption before the training.

2. If all of you don't want to fall the victim of works of skillful marketing specialists and sporty coaches and seek to cease to drink the protein, you should learn to receive optimum amount of protein from natural food. In order that it is correct to make it, it is necessary to understand the protein nature, to remember its exact contents in different products and it is correct to calculate how many the protein is necessary for you for accumulation of muscle bulk, drying or other sports tasks.

3. The human body is able to synthesize independently many substances, necessary for its work, including protein. But there are amino acids (product of disintegration of proteins) which our organism can't reproduce, and they have to arrive together with food, especially if you don't receive any additives and play sports. Irreplaceable amino acids only eight: valine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophane, phenylalanine, isoleucine.

4. At refusal of the synthetic protein and transition to its natural sources, two factors have to become the main criterion when choosing products. This greatest possible content of pure protein at the minimum content of fat and carbohydrates and also availability of all eight irreplaceable amino acids in the daily diet.

5. The main source of protein in the nature are protein of egg, low-fat meat and fish. Perfectly chicken breast without skin will approach. On 100 g of the product it contains 23 g of protein and almost doesn't contain carbohydrates and fats. Beef contains the red fibers similar on the structure to muscle fibers of the person. Try to include it in the diet, especially if you are engaged in accumulation of muscle bulk. A lot of low-fat protein contains in fish of white grades and mollusks. You can eat the pelengas, the hake, mussels, shrimps, squids.

6. Casein – unique protein which is formed at the milk stvorazhivaniye. This protein is acquired by the organism quickly enough and easily therefore perfectly will be suitable for substitute of artificial sports nutrition. Skim cheese will be the best choice for these purposes. On 100 g it contains 18 g of protein. Experts advise there is the cottage cheese for dinner or right after the training. Then it works for recovery of muscles.

7. Vegetarian athletes have to approach especially carefully the choice of products for sports food. Dairy products and eggs, namely their protein will be suitable for vegetarians who use only waste products of animals. Strict vegans have to include in the diet soy, nuts, the kino, black haricot, mushrooms.

8. In the aspiration to eat enough protein it is important to observe the measure. Keep in mind that total rejection of sources of protein leads to exhaustion, the metabolic disorder, dystrophy of muscle and bone tissue. Its excess consumption - to problems with kidneys, locks, osteoporosis.

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