How to change the bicycle wheel

How to change the bicycle wheel

One of the most frequent questions on service of the bicycle among beginners is dismantling of wheels for substitute or repair of the camera after the puncture. The best council which it is possible to allow – to address to the specialized service center where experienced experts will carry out works quickly and qualitatively. But, unfortunately, most often, similar problems arise outside the city, during the trips around the forest or on the small river and here it is already necessary to manage by own efforts.

In general removal of wheels from the bicycle, one of the simplest operations, on service of the iron friend. Having mastered it the person receives base, for performance of other more complex repair work of the bicycle.

For a start it is necessary to turn the bicycle wheels up. It is important to remember that if by bicycle the hydraulic brake system is installed, it is worth carrying out works as fast as possible that air didn't get to the hydroline, and it wasn't necessary to pump over the brake system. If by bicycle the V-Brake brake system (brake shoes) is installed, then it is impossible to acquire at all on the brake handle as hacks will meet and the wheel will be very difficult to be removed, and in certain cases and in everything it is impossible, and it is necessary to disassemble also the brake system of the bicycle that it is one many more difficult, than dismantling of wheels.

At this stage there is directly the dismantling of wheels. This procedure differs at different brake systems a little. So, if by bicycle obodny brakes are established, then it is necessary to unclench two hands brake shoes and to take the arch. If brakes disk, then any preliminary actions it isn't necessary to make.

It is necessary to pay further attention to by what way wheels are fixed: nuts or the small lever which on the vernacular is called the clown. If the system of the binding is based on nuts, then it is necessary to try two wrenches of suitable radius and to hook them on nuts from two parties. Further, it is necessary to hold one nut motionless, and to rotate the second counterclockwise until the binding doesn't weaken on so many that it will be possible to remove the wheel. If the wheel is fixed by means of the clown, then it is necessary to begin to pull it on itself and to turn off slowly, holding with the second hand the wheel, preventing its spin. After the lever is turned off, it is possible to remove the wheel. For this purpose just we pull the wheel up. It has to be removed very easily if it isn't present, then it is necessary to check whether the operations specified earlier are correctly performed. One more important point which it is worth mentioning is the feature of dismantling of the back wheel. On some models of bicycles the design assumes removal of the chain from the axis. It is defined simply – if when dismantling the wheel, it clings to the chain, then it isn't necessary to pull it by force or to try to outwit the design, just dismantle the chain and quietly remove the wheel.

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